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July 23 2006

Happy Birthday to Charisma Carpenter. Our favorite former cheerleader turned demon hunter turns 36 today.

Horray for Charisma! Have a great birthday!

Wow 36, looks 21!
I know... I would have never guessed that she was that old. She looks very early thirties to me.
Happy birthday to Charisma. One of my favourite Jossverse ladies, not only because Cordelia was a fantastic character but because she seems genuinely nice in real life too. I'm hoping Charisma keeps working and is enjoying her family too.
Does this mean she was 26 or 27 when she played Cordy as a freshman in high school?
The math does not lie. I was always amazed that the "kids" on Buffy really, really looked like kids, even though they were young adults (Harmony being at least one exception). Excellent casting and characterizations.
Yeah, most of the scoobies were in their early to mid-20's during the first year of Buffy.
I found that amusing, 10 years ago she was playing someone ten years her junior, and she still is. Veronica Mars stated her as 25, and she can pull it off I think.
Happy, happy birthday to a working mom who totally looks 25 and continues to be smokin' hot! Hope to see lots of you on VM next year, or a show of your own! ;-)
Happy happy birthday, Charisma!
There's a ton of information about Charisma I've never seen before here:

I didn't realise the part of Cordy was originally offered to the girl who played Kendra.
Happy Birthday Charisma! :D
Happy birthday, CC (as I so lovingly refer to her)!

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