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July 23 2006

No cross-talk between DC and Joss Whedon in regards to the Wonder Woman movie and comic book. Dan DiDio broke the news at DC's Big Three panel at Comic-Con.

Thats a bigger deal than would be expected, considering they only gave the one sentence blurb. That is way more than blurbworthy.

I would think it would be in the licensing agreement. Either way, I think its great. In someone else's hands, I would want DC (or marvel for that matter, if it were something like Captain America--but I digress) to calls some of the shots. But we all know Joss get's it and makes it his own.

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I would love to know more details but I would have assumed DC might have some desire to have input into the movie. But then their parent company Warner Bros might not care.

I still want Joss writing the official DC comic book adaptation.
It is rare that the comic book company is consulted on these matters. They usually just roll with the punches, as it were. I can't think of a single comic book based on a Marvel or DC comic in recent time where the film producers consulted the people who wrote the comic book at all.
I can't think of a single comic book based on a Marvel or DC comic in recent time where the film producers consulted the people who wrote the comic book at all.

See: X3 and the stuff they, um, borrowed from Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.
Oh, they'll happily take stuff from the comic books, but that's not the same thing as consultingt. Hell, to give another example, Batman Begins took stuff from half a dozen different Batman comic books. That's not the point. The point is, the X3 creators didn't talk to either Joss Whedon or Chris Claremont (whose comic books they mined far more thoroughly than Joss's) when making the film.
Semi OTish: Did Dark Horse make any announcement about the Buffy and Serenity comic books at Comic-Con? I was somewhat under the impression that they would.
Wasn't Stan Lee involved pretty heavily with the Spider-Man franchise and Hulk?
Simon, the only thing I can find about Dark Horse and Buffy is a short comment

"Mike Richardson confirmed that Joss Whedon is writing new issues of the Buffy and possibly Serenity comics, but was unable to comment further. ( from panel coverage)

Seems like they missed a good marketing opportunity there.
Agreed. This year's Comic Con was somewhat dull for me in terms of news. Some Dark Horse announcements about Joss' new comics would have interested me greatly. But they couldn't comment I imagine it was for a good reason.
Stan Lee has an executive producer credit on all of Marvel's film projects, and he has some kind of consultant role -- but it should also be pointed out that Stan stopped writing Spider-Man comics in the late 1960s and stopped writing Hulk comics in the early 1960s. *grin*
Further OT, not sure about the good reason Simon, maybe the people there just didn't have the right information.

Silly silly marketing people ( in Andrew voice ) all they needed to do was to mock up the Buffy picture already revealed in EW as a poster, add the classic Buffy logo, include the release date on the side and sell them for X$ a pop, voila they would have had a marketing campaign that paid for itself.

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