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July 23 2006

Spike premium format figure up for pre-order. The premium format Spike figure has finally been put up for pre-order today.

This is only the second Buffyverse character to get this kind of treatment by Sidehsow toys and so this new release reflects well on the continuing popularity of both this character and the Buffyverse in general.

He looks wonderful, and I highly recommend using the 360 degree view facility at the bottom of the page to have a really close look at him.

I love the interchangeable heads.
He looks fantastic! Also wanted to mention that Lorne and Giles are also up for pre-order as well! And I also recommend checking out the 360 degree views of all of them (Cordy too)! Sideshow really seems to be supporting the Buffy/Angel line. Seemed like not much was happening there for awhile and now these three new items and Cordy not long before those!

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Sideshow hasn't updated their main Buffy page so the links for the others aren't there yet. Here's the quick link to their order pages:

Lorne Pre-order

Giles Pre-order

Cordy Pre-order

They all look great. I'm not too keen on Giles' glasses and think he looks better without them. I also think the 360 view of him looks much nicer than the photo shots.
personally? I dunno why they let anyone *other* than Oluf Hartvigson do Buffyverse characters. I only own three; Graduation Day Buffy, "City Of Angel" Angel, and now this Spike. they're simply beautiful. I'm on the edge about Buffy Premium Format...otherwise gorgeous, but the hair just kinda kills it. but then again, Spike Premium's gonna look a little lonely standing there all by his lonesome... :)
Hopefully there is still some hope for that PF Buffy figure. I haven't heard anything yet on if that is the final hair but the hair looked better before they "fixed" it.

I don't buy the PF size but that Spike is mighty tempting!
I saw it in person at Comic Con and it is absolutely gorgeous. Looks just like Spike in terms of his features and the attitude of the pose. The hands are a little large for the proportion of the figure, but it's not that noticeable. I'm definitely thinking about buying it.
Got mine on order. If your going to get it, the excl is a must. His game face is a must! Definately what I'll have him displayed with.
I ordered mine too...just couldn't resist. Wish I could afford Premium Buffy too because Premium Spike would look perfect beside her. Might have to consider it...but Spike was definitely a 'must have' even if I don't get to eat for 6 months.
I love that Gachnarr comes with Giles. They all look great, and I'm glad I grew out of these sorts of things (no offense to those with the funds to not "grow out" of glorified action figures) that allows me to just wish I had them instead of spending money on them. Sort of related, the X-Men vs Sentinel statue is quite astonishing. And I wish I could have that Gandalf the White on Shadowfax statue as well...okay, I guess I never grew out of this.

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