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July 23 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar in talks for Resident Evil 3? According to IMDb, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in talks to play Cindy Lennox. IMDb sometimes gets false info though.

"IMDb sometimes gets false info though."

Bit of an understatement there. Most recent example; according to IMDB Michelle Trachtenberg is to play a recurring character on Veronica Mars, but the character has been filled by another actor.
Ha. No way. Gellar's smarter than that.
Ehum... Sometimes? Yeah, that's quite the understatement. Yeah, this is just not gonna happen. They can't possibly afford Sarah and like eddy said, she's smarter then that.
Besides, I heard that role went to Priyanka Chopra.
"IMDB sometimes gets false info though."

Much in the same way water is wet sometimes.
No, I think it went to Kate Beckinsale. Or was it Natasha Henstridge? Wait, I know this one... It was either Clare Kramer or Charlie Webber, I forget which.
Dude, Joss Whedon is totally directing this film too.

I liked the first film. The second one was... uhm... shit, for me at least.
I hope she's not going to be in RE3, surely she can't be THAT desperate for work?
SMG is doing okay for herself, I believe. Plus, it's apparently shooting now, but I believe SMG is probably still in Toyko for The Grudge 2 shooting.

I wouldn't hold it against her if she's in it. Works work. Plus, you never know, the script might be okay. Well, possibly. Wasn't David Boreanaz supposed to be in RE1, but couldn't due to the Angel schedule?
There's absolutely no way this is true. The info on imdb can be submitted by literally anyone. This is some fanboy's wet dream or something.

At this stage of her career, there's no way she'd be joining a franchise in part 3... unless it was a cameo in a Spidey film or something.

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I wouldn't mind at all. I LOVE resident evil. More SMG in any form is of the good.
It really gets my goat when people talk down the imdb. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Wikipedia works the same way. If you have doubts about something, research and flag it as wrong! Sheesh. Did anyone actually do this?
but I believe SMG is probably still in Toyko for The Grudge 2 shooting.

The Grudge 2 wrapped shooting a long while ago.
It really gets my goat when people talk down the imdb.

Of course not, it's much easier to complain :-)

Wikipedia is even easier to change - everyone can edit it!

Of course, there's no way we can really know if SMG is in talks for RE3 anyway. Usually if it says "in talks" in IMDb there's something to back it up - it's a holdover from IMDbPro, parts of which they've integrated into regular IMDb now (such as the pics beside each actors name on a film's page).

I also don't think - given the sheer amount of info on the IMDb - it can be accused of having a large number of errors in it. Sure, sometimes I think it should have a better system of verification, but there's usually a good balance.
Resident Evil 3 is filming at the moment so I reckon we would have heard about her appearing ages ago.
You can see two production pics of lovely Milla Jovovich as Alice, and Ali Larter as Claire Redfield, in costume, filming in Mexico City, Mexico, from late June of this year, over at

Yo yo vich!
I think we'll do a moratorium on casting news from IMDB. But this thread will stay up as it would be sods law that if I deleted it, the news would be posted at least 10 times in the next fortnight.

Resident Evil 4 is a terrific game but my heart will always belong to the second one. I've never played the ones that came out for the Gamecube though.
My favorite was the one from last year that David Boreanaz would play a bit detective part on one of the last eps of Charmed.

Recently the have had alot of Eliza Dushku castings too. All false.
I think that's a good idea Simon. Whether we're being unfair to IMDB is irrelevant. The point is it's an extremely inaccurate source of news to the extent that it's only really good for making fun of.

If this was a physics website i'd imagine posting wikipedia articles about the latest break-through would be similarly frowned upon.

ETA: reading this back it sounds a bit harsh on the article poster, hitnrun017, which wasn't my intent. Just seems a good idea to have a general 'policy' about IMDB posts (unless there's also independent verification).

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Please NO. The Resident Evil movies are AWFUL. She can do better!
And according to IMDB, Michelle Trachtenberg is guesting on the first episode of the third season of Veronica Mars. But given Rob Thomas' penchant for casting Buffy people, that one might be true. But I haven't seen it mentioned on any of the reliable sites.
It's a trap!!!
The problem with using IMDB as a source for unfinished projects(whether it be tv episodes or movies) is that, that is not the site's main purpose. Its not primarily a news site(although they do have a gossip blurb section) like AICN,, or When you have a project finished or announced through 3rd party sources is when the site is on its game with information and thats the only info I go to that site for: cast lists from old movies, previous projects of a writer or director, or just plain o' trivia. But looking for future cast lists for tv episodes(I hope Lost fans have all wisened up to that?) and casting info for major motion pictures? Nah. Samuel L. Jackson as Bernard, next season on Lost!

Snakes on a island.
If they released killer snakes on to the Lost island, I'd totally start watching again.
Snakes vs Polar bears, who wouldn't pay to see that ?
The Michelle Trachtenberg on "Veronica Mars" rumour has been quashed already. Rob Thomas announced at Comic-Con who had been cast, and Michelle's name was not mentioned.
Snakes vs Polar bears, who wouldn't pay to see that ?

Are they motherfucking Polar bears ? Cos then i'd pay literally cash to see it.
"Are they motherfucking Polar bears ? Cos then i'd pay literally cash to see it."

Samuel Jackson vs Ian McShane in M****rf*ck*ng Snakes vs C*ck*s*ck*ng Polar bears, a certain segment of the moviegoing audience would go wild.

ETA : A natural extra for the DVD would be a commentary track by McNulty and Bunk (The Wire) solely consisting of F*ck, M****rf*ck*r, F***ck etc. etc. similar to their famous crimescene investigation dialogue.

I'd be first in line to pre-order this invaluable language teaching tool :)

[ edited by jpr on 2006-07-24 14:55 ]
jpr -

I'd pay *folding* money to see that!

As for the IMDB debate, it's a wonderful resource but one needs to take the info within with a large rock of salt, particularly when it doesn't follow logic... as with the idea of Smidge doing RE3. :-)
I doubt Sarah would want the part, and personally I don't think it's right for her. Firstly, she has been involved in quite a lot of horror projects in the past, first Buffy (well we know that wasn't the emphasis, but still, supernatural vampire slayer), I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Grudge, The Return.... so she probably wants to keep diversifying to ensure she isn't typecast.

Then the fact that the RE franchise should be dead long before now. The first was ok, mindless fun, but the second was repetitive and even more unoriginal, so a third one is unnecessary. It wouldn't be fitting for a star on the rise like Sarah to be in a film that is the descent of a franchise.
If this was a physics website i'd imagine posting wikipedia articles about the latest break-through would be similarly frowned upon.

Hrm, because everything linked to here is authoritative and always correct! :)

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