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July 23 2006

(SPOILER) The Grudge 2 Trailer Description From Comic Con. The trailer contains MAJOR SPOILERS for SMG's character

I suspect it will be online shortly.

The slayer has finally been defeated. What will we ever do!?
Death *is* her gift, after all.
That's pretty much what I expected.
I presume that there is more scenes than that though since they could easily have filmed those scenes in the US instead of bringing SMG to Japan

ETA I just remembered MTV's TRL showed a brief clip of her running down a hospital corridor and there was also that picture of the stuntwoman (so I guess we see Karen getting killed)

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Not a huge shock. Whenever you hear the star of a horror movie is 'appearing briefly' in the sequel you figure it isn't so we can all see how happily her life turned out ;).
Sarah Michelle Gellar dies?!? *gasp*

...wait, didn't she die at the end of the first flick anyway? :)
TDS: Technically not. It looked as though she wasn't long for this world incase there wasn't a sequel, but she was basically face to face with Kayako. Others had been face to face with her before and survived in the short-term, including Karen herself.
I figured she was as good as dead when we learned Sarah had a small role in the film.

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