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July 24 2006

Pop Autopsy - Why did Firefly fizzle? Much praise for the show and Serenity as well in this blog entry at Brilliant But Cancelled.

Nice link, Simon, thanks!
Nicely written. I love good publicity for our BDShow.
choice reader comment

"What a great show ... I did not know there was a movie, but I will be surely looking. "

Who said Universal's marketing was a success ;)

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Sadly, I couldn't get on the link due to outmoded crap machinery(mine)so I'll just have to take everyones word on this one :{
Sigh. I have mixed feelings about Firefly and Serenity. I caught only three or four episodes of the TV show when the SciFi network ran them last year. Impressions: Very assured writing and acting. Many welcome, gratifying Whedon traits, notably the clever dialog and concepts (space cowboys?), the twisting and upending of genre conventions and expectations, the effective blend of humor and just about everything else, from horror (Reavers!) to romance to pathos. And yet. It never really clicked for me. Neither did Serenity. No doubt there is something there there, given all the love and awe the show inspires in people. But try as I might, I just ... can't ... do it.
Man, how good was that article ? Fantastic, that's how good. Easily the best thing i've ever read. Ever. In the history of articleness ... Oh, sorry Curlyshuffle didn't notice you couldn't get to it ;-).

From one of the comments:
Firefly failed because people didn't like it. Serenity failed because people didn't like it. Word of Mouth can save a badly promoted series or film--why didn't it in this case? Because word of mouth was bad.

Obviously, this is purely anecdotal but i've introduced 5 people to the show so far (including one guy who really dislikes sci-fi, who i've since also got into BSG) and they've all loved it. Went to see 'Serenity' with a mate who hadn't seen 'Firefly' (and who smirked knowingly when I said it was 'by the guy that did Buffy'). Loved it and has since bought the DVD set. Lent it to my sister (who i'm fairly sure hasn't even seen cultural juggernaut 'Star Wars' let alone any other sci-fi movies). Loved it and has since bought 'Serenity' on DVD (she was/is a Buffy fan though and has recently started watching the new 'Doctor Who', see, fandom's like the plague ;).

I really don't think word-of-mouth was bad. I just think it didn't spread far enough. In between insults though that poster makes a point about us 'living in a bubble' which may be true to some extent. Sometimes I think fan communities tend to forget that the wider world isn't quite as immersed in something as we are so maybe our perceptions are skewed.

I'd be interested to hear from more people who went along to see 'Serenity' in a crowd (preferably of non-fans) and either didn't like it themselves or were with people who didn't like it.
A good little article, although there were some bits I took exception to. I don't think "sexpot" is a very accurate description of Kaylee. And was Ron Glass the only non-unknown? I get the impression Adam Baldwin is fairly well-known for his role in Full Metal Jacket, and Nathan Fillion was on Two Guys and a Girl (although maybe it was just me watching that show).

EDIT: never mind about the "sexpot" part. I thought "sexpot" had a connotation of promiscuity, but I think now I'm wrong about that.

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For all those real fireflies we caught and accidentally killed as kids, this one found new life when the jar was reopened. Long may it glow.

I liked that line. Real poetical, as Kaylee might say. I can only see more and more people becoming fans of Joss shows on DVD as time passes.
Greetings, 1starbuckstown! I also live in a one starbucks town, but I think they overroast, so I cope.

It took me a while to get into Firefly. I bought the DVDs because I was desperate for more Joss, and no, I did not love them at first. Same with Serenity. But the more I've gotten into that 'verse? Now I prefer it to Buffy or Angel, and that's saying a lot.

Obviously, for a show to be an acquired taste? Well, that's TV doom. But just from me to you, give it another chance. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Now, let me pour you a nice cuppa joe.
My impression was that all of them was fairly unknown -- the only one that I knew of in past work was Nathan, whom I watched and loved in Two Guys and a Girl (and formerly a Pizza Place).
Yes, please give Firefly another shot 1starbuckstown. Get the DVD and watch from the beginning, in order. I believe it will grow on you.
That said, the only experiences I've had with Firefly is a "love at first sight" reaction. It didn't take long for anyone I introduced to the verse (or myself for that matter) to love the show and ponder, whilst cursing the network which shall not be named, how this is not one of the most popular shows STILL on tv today.
And now for a short dance of joy- I emailed Bravo's Brilliant but Cancelled complaining that Firefly wasn't at the top of the list etc. Nice to see they finally got their stuff together and showed a little love:)
I fully realize I deserve to be viciously smacked for overuse of the word love in the above post, but it IS about Firefly so I should be able to get away with it.

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Anecdotal, for sure:

I know that the folks (i.e., anyone who enters my house) I've lent or showed the Firefly DVDs to all have all loved it -- several were, like me, folks that had a hard time getting into Firefly when the network aired it out of order, starting with an episode hastily written to replace the pilot "Serenity."

After bringing my non-Firefly-fan partner to the movie, and watching him love it, I then brought other small groups of folks to see it -- most were people who had never watched a Whedon production ('cause I'm old and so are most of my friends) and they loved it. Only one did not, and they 1) hate westerns, 2) hate sci-fi and 3) don't really like me all that much. I'm not sure why they came...

BTW, after reading some of the reader-comments over at "Brilliant But Cancelled," I re-remembered how much I appreciate the mods & admins here, as well as the other members -- the bitterness and immaturity of one of them in particular was just palpable and distasteful. Thanks for keeping the wank & the trolls out.

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