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July 24 2006

SyFy Genre Awards Begin! Finally, after a long delay, the SyFy Genre Awards voting has begun. Nominees include Firefly, Serenity, and Whedonesque. Amy Acker also nominated for 'Alias.'

Included in the nominations:

BEST ACTOR/Television - Nathan Fillion, "Firefly"

BEST ACTRESS/Television - Caroline Dhavernas, "Wonderfalls"

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR/Television - Adam Baldwin, "Firefly"

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS/Television - Amy Acker, "Alias"

BEST ACTOR/Movie - Nathan Fillion, "Serenity"

BEST ACTRESS/Movie - Summer Glau, "Serenity"
Gina Torres, "Serenity"

BEST WEB SITE - Whedonesque

BEST SPECIAL GUEST/Television - Christina Hendricks, "Trash," Firefly

BEST EPISODE/Television - "Trash," Firefly

BEST SERIES/Television - Firefly

BEST MOVIE - Serenity

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I understand the Serenity nominations but Firefly seems out of place on this ballot. It's been off the air for almost four years. Is it qaulifying because of Sci Fi syndicating it?
Firefly qualified because three episodes of the series aired on television for the first time in the time period the awards cover. Those three episodes were "Trash," "The Message," and "Heart of Gold." It's a technicality that made both Firefly and Wonderfalls eligible.
I voted... but I was upset to see JJ's name in the last category instead of Mr. Whedon's.

I don't really care if he was out of place. I lurve him.
Joss didn't qualify because he had already won the lifetime achievement award in 2004. Previous winners cannot be nominated again.
Vote for us. We're the sexiest.
*nods* Simon is wise...
Come to Whedonesque, where Simon and zeitgeist help put the "mod" in "modest" -- oh, wait, that other thing. ;-)

Yay Firefly and Wonderfalls nominations! But I have to admit, some of those BSG nominations are also very well deserved. Some of these categories were very hard to decide.
When we say 'we', we include the users. This site is what it is because of the outstanding contributions made daily by the best community on the web. You can't beat Whedonesque for intelligent, thought-provoking discussion (and outright zany ones, too - River is made of chocolate! Ben is Glory!) on everything from cinematography to subtext and from patriarchy to stale peeps.
I was going to nominate Zeitgeist for Web diplomat of the year until he mentioned stale peeps. The peeps here are not stale! We are a little battered and bruised by the big bad world occasionally...and crawl in here to rest while basking in the light of diverse yet considerate intellegence, but we aren't stale.

...Oh wait a minute. You were talking about the little sugar coated marshmellow things and the discussion I participated in...and...kinda mentioned how good they were toasted... I get it.

Of course that only proves my point; flaky but not stale. ;-)

[ edited by newcj on 2006-07-24 22:14 ]
Really pleased that both Gina and Summer were nominated for Serenity. I have voted for this ever so sexy board.

Ben is Glory? Seriously?
The peeps cannot be stale. I have eaten them all.

Gobble gobble.
When we say 'we', we include the users.

I was? Oh I was. Yes. Absolutely.
Choose between Nathan Fillion and Edward James Olmos? And Tricia Helfer vs. Katee Sackhoff? Not to mention that the competition for best series includes Firefly and BSG. Why, why why?

It looks like I'll be keeping some of my votes to myself here, guys. Sorry.

Oh, but Summer beats Gina all the way.

ETA: Downloaded vs. LDYB pt2 - which would win in a fight? Gah!

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2006-07-24 23:45 ]
Good news, bad news:

Good: They are apparently tracking IP addresses to prevent ballot-stuffing
Bad: Someone already voted thorough my work proxy server today.
I have a hard time voting for a show that's been off the air for so long, compared to a current series that is so damn good. In fact, putting Firefly in this poll seems redundant.

Also, I think BSG is the better of the two shows anyway, but still...
Best supporting actress was the only category where I was really struggling to choose. Went for Tricia Helfer in the end but it was mighty tough :)
We vegetarians will have nothing to do with peeps. Boiled cartilage disguised as squishy little animals...

As for the choices - yes, very hard choices. I voted all the way for everything "Serenity," but three episodes of "Firefly" against most of the other shows... I'm not saying how I voted. And much as I like Christina Hendricks, she's up against the likes of Claudia Black and Connor Trinneer.

On the other hand, Whedonesque wins my vote, hands down.

Because it's so sexy.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-07-25 03:39 ]
Whedonesque always gets my vote, the sexy vixen.
Tough choices. Had to vote Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Katee Sackhoff and Christian Bale among others ahead of 'verse peeps (the other kind) but obviously Kryptonsite Gateworld Whedonesque is the best site on the list (sure the other sites have up to the minute info, interviews etc. but none have Whedonesque's sassy sex appeal, you little minx of a blog you ;).

(there's the whole interesting, civilized discussion thing too. Also good)
Had to vote for Katee Sackhoff.. hell, any of the BSG people I could. They were all just so amazing. But I do truelly love Katee's Starbuck!
I voted for Tricia Helfer over Katee mostly because the minute Six walks on screen, I can tell which one she is just by the look on her face. Astounding. Grace and Katee rock too, though. I'm a Starbuck girl, so trust me. That was a tough decision.

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