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July 24 2006

(SPOILER) Futon Critic reviews the Bones ComicCon Panel. David is his usual hysterical self complete with impersonations.

I can't wait to see this season. All these new additions sound great! I love David with children. Emotional daddy David, even better.

I am very happy that they are not going to force the couple together but let it take it's time. It is more believeable and emotional for the fans in the long run..

Cheers for that. I haven't able to find coverage of this anywhere until now. David = Fun.
There are many videos out there of the sessions, but I was not sure we were allowed to link them to here.

Seems alot of video cameras were sneaked into Comic Con this year. I also know that the BSG gag real and the Bone's Gag were taped and are on the internet. FYI. =)

I just get a big kick out of how much fun David seems to get from playing Booth. His smile and energy is so contageous.
"She kicks my ass," says David, "she barges into my office and says 'Seeley, you son of a bitch, What are you doing with my child?'"

I almost died laughing at that.
I'd love to see David do a Christopher Walken impersonation! If that's on the DVDs, I'll have to netflix it. Hell, I should probably netflix the show anyway because I've only seen 2 episodes.

A fan boldly asks who David prefers: Emily or Sarah Michelle Gellar. David is speechless. I'll spare you the tap dancing: "Both."

Did anyone else go to a dirty place just now?
Do any of you watch Bones?

Is it worth my time and popcorn?
Bones is absolutely worth one hour of your time each week! It's really a well done show! Haven't missed an episode. Great chemistry between all of the characters. Interesting plots, too. Give it a try! Will make the Popcorn taste even better !!!
Don't forget the Firefly shout-out in the Christmas episode.
Seems alot of video cameras were sneaked into Comic Con this year.

Taping isn't prohibited, in and of itself, just taping the stuff they show on the video screens is. That bums me out that people tape that stuff even when they're explicitly told not to(though I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't happen every single time). I know the rule is more for the film trailers and unseen footage and whatnot, but still...could come a time when they don't let you bring in cameras at all if it gets out of hand.
Re: Bones - If you're watching the episodes from the beginning, keep in mind, it gets better. The first episodes are a little iffy, and Bones herself starts out as fairly unlikable. You can make a drinking game by taking a swig everytime she says "I don't understand" in the first several episodes, but the show'll grow on you. It's not Whedon, but it's better than most shows, and David's really good in it.
I really enjoy this show. The X-mas and end of the season being my favorite. Like every first season show it had to find it's legs. But it is deffiantly on track.

DB looks like he is having a blast. He gives so much personality and just plain sex appeal to Booth. He is sexy when earnest and you get shivers when he goes all agenty with his gun.

Bones herself has grown from quite cold to a very relatable character. You feel for her in the season finale ep. I love her and all her crews interaction. The Squints are hilarious. Every ep has a sense of humor in it.

One of the best shows on tv.
Donna, could you perhaps post a hint of where to look for the video (doesn't have to be a link) either here or at the forum ( If that's not okay by the mods then I completely understand, but I thought that it might be at least worth a try.
Donna, Can you email me where to find the clips? I've looked everywhere I can think of.
Cold Guinness?
"Bones" has earned its sea legs after a bumpy start. The humor and chemistry of the cast has made this my favorite show. It may be a procedural show, but it's the fact that it is character driven that has given the show its edge over other CSI type shows. Great to see David smile and use his many charms. DB has proven himself to be quite a talented actor!!!
Have any of you ever checked out Fox's official website and forums for Bones?

It is great. Lots of great spoilers and little known facts about how the show is made and funny stories from the author herself.There is even a thread for ComicCon.
Is that a hint? I've been there and we're waiting anxiously for comic con reports but only a few have shown up.
LOL. Sorry.

Ever hear the word Boreanazists? I find it to be a weird but neat word all at one time.....They have lots of cool info there. Not to mention some very pretty pics!=P
Heh, really enjoying Donna Troy's dancing here. Quite a well stepped jig ;).

After a so so start I think 'Bones' is one of the better shows on TV (not the one i'd miss most if cancelled but I would miss it to some extent). Really like the cast chemistry especially in the (too few) scenes where they're all just sitting around shooting the breeze. I also liked Brennan from the start but then i've a soft spot for slightly obsessive, hyper-rational characters (Monk, House, Brennan etc.).

Cold Guinness?

In the UK we have Guiness Extra Cold on tap in a lot of pubs (dunno if you get it in the US) which pours at about fridge temperature. I know it's almost sacreligious but I much prefer it (kind of smooths the taste a bit, makes it taste more like Murphy's). It's basically a stout for people that don't like stout ;).

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