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July 25 2006

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men: the Eisners and a Look Ahead. Some stuff we already knew (the title and creative team behind it dominate the biz) and some stuff that's considered spoilery (upcoming #16 talk and preview art for that issue).

Apparently, we learn a lot as a lot happens in the next issue (on sale August 23), and the next arc might be called "Unstoppable" (Juggernaut?), all leading up to a GIANT sized conclusion by the Eisner winning Whedon and Cassaday. Congratulations.

Ack. Marvel press release. I forget they still did them.
That's some damn nice art.
Juggernaut I doubt; he's tied up in New Excalibur at the moment.
Re: the preview/spoiler images - whoa!

I can't wait! Why couldn't it have been July 23rd? I thought Joss finished the WW 1st draft. And Cassaday is a god also - he should be able to defy time.

[IOW, I'm very anxious]

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