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July 25 2006

Shortened season of Melinda Clarke's "The OC", might mean try-out chance for Tim Minear's "Drive". Fox clears the reason to order less episodes for "The OC" and when we might see "Drive" in the screens. Can Tim Minear's new show take on the CSI/Greys Anatomy juggernaut?

Depends if it gets past pilot ;)
Oh, man. I sure hope they start it somewhere else first and give it a chance to develop a following before throwing it to the wolves. Otherwise, might as well cancel it now. Unless they give it "Idol" as a lead-in. That would be sweet!
Maybe I should edit the post, and put on a bold capitalized MIGHT in the title.
Well, look on the bright side, it's a shortened season of 'The O.C.'. Anything else is gravy ;).

(personally I don't see 'Drive' being scheduled against those two since it'd be the kiss of death and a pretty effective waste of at least $2 million or whatver the pilot cost. Maybe triple underline that 'might', Numfar PTB ? ;)
I agree with greentara. I think it would be a much better idea to schedule it more strategically, identify the most appropriate demographic and advertise it appropriately. Keep the timeslot regular so people can watch it without having to follow it to different times and days. I think if you're trying out a show and haven't decided whether to commit to it yet, it's easier to do if it keeps the same timeslot.

Basically the opposite of what was done with Firefly, also know as "how to actually give a show a chance". Rather than waiting for the final product and then trying to change it to fit the advertising and appeal to a more lucractive demographic, see how the show actually turns out and then try and attract the audience who it would appeal to.

Putting it up right away against two popular shows is madness. Then whenever Fox don't see massive ratings right away, they'll grab their cancellation axe, as if you couldn't have predicted that would be the outcome. If they put it in a less competitive but still accessible timeslot, then it's more likely to catch viewers and hopefully build up a loyal audience. Only then should it even be considered moving it against CSI and Grey's Anatomy.

I'm trying to be optimistic, but unfortunately I think Fox might be banking on an immediate, massive hit like Lost or Desperate Housewive's, which isn't realistic and puts unfair pressure on Drive. I know Tim will deliver creatively but the network needs to do what they should be doing and make sure that they actually give it time to develop and find an audience, rather than quickly letting it join the long list of amazing shows it has axed prematurely.
I guess I won't be watching Drive. Regardless of Grey's Anatomy, I also watch Supernatural and decided to put OC on download only because I can't watch 3 shows in one time slot.
Good luck, Mr. Minear, in that tough time slot or (hopefully) a better one! :-)
Hopefully, Fox won't make the mistake of putting Drive up against all of the other shows that are already competing at 9PM on Thursday. I already watch Supernatural at that time, and I was really hoping to be able to check out Tim's new show.

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