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July 25 2006

A Q&A with Morena Baccarin. "I unfairly compare every experience to 'Firefly'. Nothing quite equals it". Awww. There's also some tasty little tidbits about her upcoming stint on Stargate SG1.

A very interesting read. I'm so looking forward to seeing Morena on SG-1, although it may be quite awhile away going by the broadcasting in Australia.
I've been waiting to see Morena in something other than Firefly since I saw it :):) I'm so glad she is getting more work. And oh how I'd love to see her as Wonder Woman.

Just wondering, does anyone know her history? She doesn't appear to have a Brazilian accent and I was wondering if she speaks like that on purpose.
Morenna grew up in New York, their parent moved to the north hemisphere of the planet, when they were still kids.

If she happens to still speak portuguese, her portuguese will be accent heavy.
She was in an episode of Kitchen Confidential, which I think is the only other thing I've noticed her in.
It's a shame to hear her talking about a lack of work... all of the stars of Jossverse actors deserve to live comfortably, they all do such amazing work.
Maybe she should try out for Lost, they just hired a Brazilian actor to the show, according to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.
I struggled to watch 3 epsiodes of "the OC" on tv just to watch the 5 minutes of airtime she got as a guest on that show a few months back.

She is still listed as "rumored" to be in Joss' Wonder Woman here:

I live in Vancouver, where SG-1 is filmed, so I'm hoping to finally get a glimpse of Morena in realtime... I've already gotten the chance to see Jewel Staite in action singing on stage (but that's another story for another time ^_^)
I'd love to see Morena again!
I think we should have a warning when linked to sites open pop-ups. Bloody pop-ups! Firefox blocked 2, and STILL one popped up!

Oh, and btw: first we get Ben Browder and Nathan Fillion on a plane (bring your own snakes)... and now Morena is Claudia Black's daughter?

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I don't watch Stargate, but I'm looking forward to seeing Morena. I couldn't force myself to watch her OC eps (because it was so full of OC not-goodness, not because of Morena, of course), so this will be the first time I see her in something other than Serenifly. :-)

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