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July 25 2006

Angel's Gwen Raiden, Alexa Davalos get big screen lead role in "The Feast of Love". She'll screen with big names such as Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear and Selma Blair.

Wow, that's great news for her! It's great to see more and more 'Angel' alumni gaining success in other acting ventures.
I'm really happy for her.
What, The Chronicles of Riddick doesn't count as a career-topping masterwork? :-)

Gwen was an interesting character, and seemed like she had a lot of potential. Shame it wasn't explored more fully.
What, The Chronicles of Riddick doesn't count as a career-topping masterwork?

I adore that film, it's superb in many ways. I was more gripped by it than the last Star Wars movie.
Noooooooo !

(well OK, 'Riddick' had its moments, just seemed a waste after the tight economy of 'Pitch Black' to kind of 'go for bloat', so to speak - the whole Furyan back-story just felt tacked on, unwieldy and unnecessary to me though I know it was there to provide meat for a planned trilogy)

Gwen was an interesting character, and seemed like she had a lot of potential.

Ha, pun intended ? ;). I agree though she was a great character with inbuilt pathos and a fairly natural arc which it would have been good to see more of.
Agreed. She was probably my favorite 'drive-by' guest actor on the show (stopped in town for a few episodes, otherwise bon voyage), and -- at least I always thought so -- would have been a neat addition to the team.
Slightly OT, perhaps, but Simon, I liked the movie for what it was: Pulp. Not as in wet ground-up wood products, but as in Conan in space. That's what the final shot really drove home for me--that the whole movie was very Conanesque.

I didn't think the actors did badly--if anything, several of them remained unchallenged by the script. My only real gripe with it was that the cinematography was somewhat nausea-inducing in places. And it is most unfair to compare it to Ep III: it had a huge fan base of people who wanted it to be good and wanted to care about it, a huge budget, and insane amounts of marketing. Dollar for Dollar, Chronicles was 3 (or more!) times the movie Episode III was. Not as good as Serenity, of course, but a fun popcorn flick--thus, like Serenity and unlike Ep 3, doomed to not experience breakaway commercial success, and, unlike Serenity and like Ep 3, to be yawned at or scorned by the critics.

Alexa handled herself well in Chronicles--it will never be a cringeworthy role (as Conan isn't for Schwarzenegger--Hercules fills that spot nicely), but nor will it be something she can refer to as a breakaway success. It won't contribute to her career, like Serenity has to Nathan's (and, to the rest of the cast's, to a lesser extent)--hence the smiley: it is, per ariana75's comment, good to see her getting roles which may indeed challenge her and contribute to her career development.

Edit: Saje, don't call me on puns and then talk about her arc, unless you want to add to this already-charged topic! ;-)

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Blimey, Watt did I say ? Didn't mean to spark anything off ;-).

(genuinely didn't notice 'arc' until after i'd posted, maybe I should amp up the current flowing to my pun-o-meter ;).
The Feast of Love is a beautifully written book and I'm curious how they'll turn it into a movie. There is a lot of internally driven character moments/development, which, with a heavy handed director or less skilled actors don't always translate well onto the screen. However, Charles Baxter does write interesting characters and it would be nice to see them and this story brought to life on the big screen -- as long as it's well done, of course.

I always liked electric Gwen and wished she could have made a reappearance. I really liked her and Gunn together. They had a nice chemistry and she saw his potential before he was "lawyered up" by WRH. I thought Alexa brought a vunerability and bravado to the character that made her likable rather than tough and hard, which could have happened with a less skilled actor. I can't wait to see what she does with Chloe.

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