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July 25 2006

(SPOILER) "I will give you this" - Joss reveals some details about Goners. A fan report from the Marvel booth at Comic-Con.

No llamas? Denied!

Spoiler tag just in case people didn't want to know about the dobermans in the movie. I can't imagine why but you never know.

Honestly, the bit I laughed at the most was this:

Cassiday laughed, pointed at the logo and said "its started already?"

Two dobermans and some Japanese? Hmm. Somebody better than me has to come up with a joke for that.
Dude, there are Goners tshirts. Cassiday will be taught. And be very scared, but hey, that's the price I pay.
I appreciated the mulitcolored SQUEEEEE at the bottom.

Joss makes me feel that way sometimes too.

But with manlier colors.
Yeah, like war coloured ! *beats chest, lapses into coughing fit*

The Japanese mention could be a slight misdirect. Maybe it's Japanese food. Which means that the villain is almost definitely some kind of animate sushi, either possessed or maybe scientifically re-animated (not sure how, there might be crocodile clips involved). Mia could be a vat grown fish filleter who escapes from the lab.

Can't really see what else it could be, seems like the only logical possibility, plotwise.
yeah, misdirects or not, good to report em. : )
Looking forward to everything Joss does in the future.

BTW - I think it doesn't need a spoiler tag.
No llamas in Goners... but I heard a Wonder Woman casting rumor.. I mean *cough* Wonder Llama.

Way to misdirect, Joss, but I'm one step ahead of you! ;-)

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Some guy (who isn't me) wearing a Goners shirt.

This is the original topic re Comic-Con.

Also, regarding why a llama has ended up being adopted as the Goners mascott... I've got no idea. I am a bad site admin.
Some Japanese and two Dobermans. Two Japanese Dobermans? Why, I remember a day I got to The Bronze posting board and he was there being quizzed about what was coming up in ... some season of Buffy, can't remember which, and he said [paraphrased] "I can tell you there may be lederhosen, mustn't say any more." Do you know there was no lederhosen in sight that next season? What a rip-off! Can't wait to hear what Goners is about. And where are these t-shirts - can we buy one?

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Wow, was that guy-who-is-not-gossi (hereafter known as "gossi") in an earthquake when the photo was taken ? Or can he simply move at super-human speed to avoid his secret identity being discovered (and any logo being discerned) ?

And (from the fuller account) big hug ? Aww, v. nice man that Whedon fella.

I can tell you there may be lederhosen

May, y'see ? May. Whereas the deadly sushi villain is practically guaranteed with his wording "I will give you this, there's no chinese, but some Japanese...". Just popping down to the bookies to put my life savings on 'Goners: Return of the Killer Sushi' as the full title. Follow me to riches by all means, i'm not gonna be selfish about it, plenty to go around.
Ah, you see, for once that isn't me.

This is my new favourite picture ever. I've no idea, either.

An actual Goners tshirt. (not my site, but they are pretty).
Oops, just assumed it was cos I heard you had super-powers ;).

Nice logo. Is that official or a fan design ?

(also is it just me that can see two sharks circling each other in the logo ? Sharks -> fish -> sushi, it's all falling into place. It really is just me isn't it ? Damn)

ETA: or I could read the text beside the t-shirt which says 'Gossi's design...' but where's the fun in that. Still a nice logo though.

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Of course, while everyone else is having fun with this new information, I immediately went dark with it. What's that say about me?
I was going with the more Japanese survival horror game vibe (i.e. Fatal Frame (or Project Zero in the UK), Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Forbidden Siren). It's a common staple in that genre to have a lone young female protagonist battling against unnatural events. Which seems to be what Goners is about.

And that's the vibe I got from the first Serenity viral video that came out.
It's a common staple in that genre to have a lone young female protagonist battling unnatural events. Which seems to be what Goners is about.

Well, it's unclear at this point whether the threat is unnatural/supernatural, or if, say, the response to it is. The wonderful agony of knowing so little is that it's unclear whether the "very ugly side to humanity" in the film is the danger, or just provides the background or setting or atmosphere somehow.
I dunno why but i've always got more of a 'Runaways' vibe thinking about the title. I kind of see Mia and the other Goners (assuming she is one) as people on the fringe, possibly with powers which put them there, possibly being hunted/persecuted, possibly uniquely qualified to help the world when something bad happens. I'd expect some metaphorical connection to the rest of us because of course we're all goners in the long run. As Jim Morrison said 'no-one here gets out alive'.

Another connection I made in my mind (for no other reason than sparking synapses, I think, though someone may have suggested it on here) was with a comic about a bunch of soldiers who undergo a procedure which grants them superpowers but a much abbreviated life-span (I think it was about 3 years and I think the comic had 1000 - as in days - in the title but I never read it, just remember thinking it was a cool idea). They were, in the strictest sense 'goners' (i.e. on the path to death, had it, soon to be bereft of life and resting in peace etc.). Something similar might tie in with the Missing In Action interpretation of Mia's name (i.e. an AWOL soldier).

(sorry if this is repeating what's gone before, BTW, I haven't really kept up with the sites/discussions for 'Goners')
Mia = I am. She is everyone.
"Two dobermans and some Japanese? Hmm. Somebody better than me has to come up with a joke for that."

Some Japanese guy walks in a bar with 2 dobermans. The bartender says "We don't allow dogs in here." The Japanese guy says "These aren't dogs---they're llamas, this is Simon and his sister River." The bartender just starred at the Japanese guy,after a second he said "Hero of Canton won't be drinkin that shiong mao niao---he drinks the best wiskey in the house!!!!" And they all lived happily ever after 'cause they knew how friggin' cool Firefly and Joss Whedon is. :P
"Also, regarding why a llama has ended up being adopted as the Goners mascott... I've got no idea. I am a bad site admin."

Also a very bad crew member, you didn't turn up to vote in any of our polls or anything. Bad gossi!!!
The picture is of s8zaphod, a valued crew member on the good ship "Mia's Shadow" on the board.
Seems the only way us fans can get any news on the project is to stalk Joss, so keep up the good work Melissa!
Thanks Cappy. I did my best.
It's a common staple in that genre to have a lone young female protagonist battling unnatural events. Which seems to be what Goners is about.

Well, it's unclear at this point whether the threat is unnatural/supernatural

But we DO know that there will be a threat? Or events for that? Maybe Joss got tired of the old fashioned "somewhat good vs. kinda evil" stories and movies where stuff happens? Maybe "goners" refers to the 90min you spend watching some girl sitting around and watching the paint in her apartment dry (obviously paint from a Japanese manufacturer whose logo is two dobermans).
"Thanks Cappy. I did my best." - Mifeng
Melissa, your best is clearly good enough for us! You are definitely our hero.

And of course the llama is an integral part of the Goners Team logo. It's a tradition! *Grins*
You're all wrong. It's actually a coming of age tale about two sisters battling decades of life, love and loss, while swapping a pair of magical jeans.

Wait, maybe that's Joy Luck Club meets Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.
But we DO know that there will be a threat? Or events for that?

Well Joss said at the time:

"It's the story of a young woman's journey that involves a great deal of horror and some heroics," he said. "It's certainly darker than 'Serenity,' and there are a lot of left turns along the way. It is something I had in mind for a while, and it just poured out of me when I finished my film."

Warning: Data dump, because Joss also has said:

Goners is a movie with a lot of beautiful inspirational human stuff but it's also a horror movie. Ultimately it's about a darker place in all of us.


It's a completely new work that does take place in the modern world. Needless to say, slightly left of center. It's a different adventure, and it's kind of a horror film. It's dark. It's not nihilistic, but there's a very ugly side to humanity going on in it. It takes place in the modern world, it's just a part of the modern world most people don't get to see.

Among other things.
it's just a part of the modern world most people don't get to see.

Like maybe say, in the tunnels far beneath Grand Central Station ... with Mimic-like insects? But how the Japanese and Dobermans fit in, I can only surmise.
Like maybe say, in the tunnels far beneath Grand Central Station

That may be "a part of the modern world most poeple don't get to see" but I don't think it quite rises to the level of "a very ugly side to humanity going on", IMHO.
"and there are a lot of left turns along the way."

Ok. So it is circular.

Dogs like to circle a few times before going to sleep. Maybe the Dobermans serve to reinforce the circular metaphor. Going to sleep and waking up being the metaphor for the life cycle etc.

The only thing is, do dogs turn left in the Southern Hemisphere? 'Cause it seems like they turn right around here...or maybe not.

It could be a clue.
Come on, people, get with it! Mia and Violet are obviously the names of the 2 dobermans!!

Personally I thought the "Come to Papa" hug was the best part of MA's story. :-D (It was the 1st post of that thread.) And it's llama cuz we're all browncoats, duh! with black market beagles. and, um, penguins. (Sorry, this last even has me flummoxed!) And I can't forget the gossiganger - that's from gossi locking us in Goners by ourselves for 2 months! (Btw, that's me in the gossiganger T! squeeeeeeee!)

I just wish I could give you the link of mifeng's pic with Joss. I'm a little html-challenged and can't figure it out. Even with the handy hints. *blush*

And I hope gossi can stand some increased traffic on that site. 60 GUESTS?!!! We're swamped!!!
bix, I was being facetious. Rather like a certain someone promising lederhosen on Xander (oh that's right, he said Xander would be wearing them ... wow, what synapse did that pop out of?) and never delivering. Though giant insects and dark tunnels would be nice and fill my horror-genre loving soul with glee.
I rather liked being locked in for two months all by ourselves with the Gossiganger. It was cozy. Of course, now I need a "Come to Papa" t-shirt.
Dogs like to circle a few times...

I read that dogs circle like that before they sleep to check for snakes. What, do I need to spell it out ? 'Goners' is an informal sequel to Snakes on a Plane, isn't it. Clearly.

with Mimic-like insects?

Nope, not scanning ... wait a minute ... 'Mimic like sushi' ? Yep, that works.

The modern world stuff does make me think of the tunnels beneath cities though, like with the people that live beneath New York (that could be in 'Mimic', don't think i've seen it). Definitely fringe, definitely "a part of the modern world most people don't get to see". The darker side could be some kind of exploitation of those people (still doesn't sound dark enough though or supernatural enough unless Mia, after being forced down there for some reason, stands up as some kind of champion owing to her supernatural powers).
He's obviously referring to Dobermann, the film... or My Wrongs 8245 - 8249 AND 117, which features an insane man caring for a friend's Doberman (because Thom Yorke turned Joss on to Warp Records). Ah, but what do the numbers mean, Violet (a reference to the The Flash Girls first album?)? Its a con-friggin-spiracy, Mia!!!

Mia = I am. She is everyone.

So, Simon, do you suggest that there might be some kind of connection between Mia and Glory?
Doberman's, eh? Tim would choose beagles. You know those beagles: they only *look* innocent.
We open outside the largest ComicCon in California.

It's night. It's raining. A limousine comes through the gate... past Browncoats holding a candlelight vigil.

The candles under the umbrellas glow like Japanese lanterns.

A lone Goner, Mifeng, steps in front of the limousine.

The lights illuminate her like a spirit.

Her eyes fix upon those of the sole passenger.

The moment is devastating between them.

The J.W. believes in the “Movie Consequences Death Penalty”... He swears the next person he sees die... will be in one of his movies.

He hugs Mifeng, tells her something in Japanese about two Dobermans, and proceeds to send Mia & Violet to the gas chambers.

I tell you, there's not a dry eye in the house.

They’re dead. They’re dead because that's the Whedon ‘verse reality. Because that’s what happens.

The innocent die.
Fruity Oaty Bars are made from Dobermans raised by Japanese men adn women.
No Llamas?
I believe QuoterGal has already cast Julia Roberts in the role of Mia, so long as Bruce Willis can arrive in time to rescue her at the last minute (due to traffic, of course). ;)

Me? I think it's a story about a thin girl with big eyes who leaves Frank Sinatra for Woody Allen. And adopts orphaned Japanese Dobermans.

As usual, much needed comic relief provided by the Whedonesquers. Cheers, all!
It occurred to me that no one has initiated the casting guesses for "Goners"...and while this is probably because it is annoying and fruitless, I feel as though it is a necessary evil in order to get hyped for a movie that won't be out for a long while. So throw cyber stones if you like, but knowing all of nothing that I know about this movie and its main character, Mia (and this nothing includes age, race, etc) I would love to see Joss direct Rosario Dawson in a horror/thriller that's my early suggestion, based on nothing.

More importantly...Raise your hands if you would love Joss's first post-Wonder Woman/Goners project to be a film adaptation of the stage musical "Wicked" with original cast members Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth.

Yeah that's love it.
Rosario Dawson, yamsham? And then could we get Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran?

Clerks, Part the Third: Goners.

I see potential there. Obviously, Violet and Mia are two crazy chicks fighting over Dante, so Becky gets pissed and leaves the Quick Stop forever, while Randal sits in the back incredulous: "Who the fuck is this Joss Whedon guy?" Which, of course, causes Kevin Smith to launch an all-out war against Joss for domination of the pop culture universe. This all leads to global annihilation which, of course, means that the clerks are goners.

See? I totally know where Joss is gonna go with this one.
It occurred to me that no one has initiated the casting guesses for "Goners"

Well, there are "dream cast" threads on the Goners boards. But all I've done (elsewhere) is make sure to mention that Priyanka Chopra has not been cast.
I saw where on the IMDbs it told how Natacha Henstritch & Kate Beckinsal are set to play Mia & Vilet and where it also sayed that someone went all through Natasha's locker in the gym and saw her phone and it sayed on it that she'd just finished texting Josh Weedon and he texted her the first 200 pages of the Gooners script it's all set so there.

But can you confirm this cause I need to know right away for a class project.
Joss actually saw the Team Goners logo for the the BC board, not one previously referenced....but we are all on on the Goner Fans site ...hence the Llama reference See it here:
An actual Goners tshirt. (not my site, but they are pretty).

Gossi's too modest to say, but he was the one who designed the actual Goners logo on his site and on that BDS Goners tee.
I'm not going to say this again about casting. Morgan Freeman as Mia (get it? Morgan/Mia?) and m-f'in' Samuel L. Jackson as m-f'in' Violet. On a plane. And Nathan Fillion as the Llama. ;-)

BTW, UnpluggedCrazy -- I'm guessing you liked Clerks 2? ;-)
Totally, twin billz. Actually liked it even better than the first. :-D
Kewl! I am a big fan of the original, so I'll put Clerks2 on "the list." BTW, even though I don't think I can bring this post all the way back around to Goners, I will say this: I always thought it would be great if Serenity docked at a space mall somewhere with a Quick Stop -- just great to see our BDHs run in for sodas (space sodas?) and maybe a video rental & get temporarily caught in the web of Randal's idiotic ravings, and of course I could see Jayne having some nefarious dealings with Jay and Silent Bob before they totally p*** each other off, Jay says "bring it, b****" and tries some pseudo-kung fu, but of course Jayne totally decks him, lol! /crossover fanfic ;-)
"So, Simon, do you suggest that there might be some kind of connection between Mia and Glory?

Le Comité |"

The answer, of course, is that Mia and Glory are the Dobermans. And it follows quite obviously that Ben is the llama. Haven't figured out the Japanese part. But it may be dinner?
billz...I would pay vast sums of money to see that.
Am I the only one still harbouring the secret fantasy that this is the first Serenity sequel, only slapped with a fake name to conceal itself?

Oh, what i'd give.
I still keep seeing Summer Glau as Mia, just because of what little we know of the character. Can't wait to find out more!
Mia = I am = Everybody

Not so much. Probably.
As fantastic as Summer would be, she was already the star of Serenity. Mia already sounds similar to River as it is!
And yet we know nothing about her.. I did consider developing a fake one sheet poster for Goners. It had some blackness on it. It's all in the blackness, folks.
Simon says:
Mia = I am. She is everyone.

I Am = Jah Veh = The Abrahamic God.
But that would ofcourse be completely idiotic, since I'm already working on a comic with that concept.
Goners - I wonder if the two dobermans would sing . . .

And Yamsham, I too would love to see Joss direct Wicked as a movie with Idina and Kristen. Just the thought makes me want to grab my broom and defy gravity.
hehe...i love it, unplugged.

and zann, i smell a fan campaign coming on: "Send Joss to Oz!" or "There's no one like Joss! There's no one like Joss! There's no one like Joss!"

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