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July 25 2006

Christian Kane's "Walks The Streets". Our little Texan has a movie coming up. Looks familiar too.

"DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is right up the avenue for 'Angel' fans - It's vampires, it's werewolves, it's zombies, it's the whole horror genre type thing that's going to bring me back to the stuff I love."

I like Christian Kane and I loved how a fresh-faced lad such as Lindsey could turn out to be an evil putz. His rivalry with Angel was always a favorite with me.

I'll keep an eye out for that film. Hopefully he'll have more to do than that TV Show Close to Home gave him: Female prosecutor returns home to her loving husband who kisses his cute, blonde wife and baby on the forehead. Occasionally she visits him at his construction site.

I'd almost be willing to bet he begged to be killed off. His character was a cipher.

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He is the star and producer of "DWTS", if it does well it will be a trilogy series. It is an indie film.
And I just heard from the producer/writer of "Her Minor Thing" that it's got DVD distribution overseas and they're *this* close to US distribution! Keep your fingers crossed- Chris' work in HMT is *wonderful*! :-D

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