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July 25 2006

Fox unveils Fall series premiere dates . Bones gets late August premiere date and Standoff premieres the following week.

I am excited. Only one more month.

August 30th is not that far away. I am very glad it is starting on Wednesdays again.

Now all Fox has to do is start promoting "Bones" as it has already started promoting its other shows.
We're all looking forward to seeing DB again.
The only premiere date on Fox I want to know about is Drive. I'm holding my breath here.
Drive is mid-season, so would show during the world series to take over for the horrible new shows they got coming.

There was a new Bones promo tonghit.
Breathe, ElectricSpaceGirl, breathe! Midseason sounds like a long ways away, but with Fox's record for cancelling shows and needing to replace them, I'm sure midseason will come soon enough! ;-)
You mean it's been picked up? I didn't think it was official yet.
We were talking about looking forward to the Bones premiere, since that's what this topic is about.
I, too, am anxiously awaiting the season premiere of Bones. Interesting that the new pathologist is the teacher from Firefly. They could promote it a little more. Prison Break, which should be classified as fantasy, gets all the attention. I do watch it, but much prefer Bones. What I don't understand is why DB and ED have not really made the rounds of the late night talk shows promoting it. Not even when it first started or when it returned in January. I think DB appeared on a couple of shows - Carson Daly and The View (gag). I had to tape them both - Carson Daly is on too late and I had to be able to fast forward through The View. They did have a one-hour special on it on TV Guide channel that was pretty good.

My other gripe is that the DVD is not coming out until November in the US, though I've seen it on Amazon UK for August. Of course, I taped all the episodes but its such a task fast-forwarding through all those commercials!
ElectricSpaceGirl, there was a link up here recently to some of the network talks about the new season, that said that if the OC runs fewer eps, Drive will take over, and I think another link had similar news, so, yeah, Drive has been picked up (for midseason), but there's just no definite date yet. :-)
can't wait to see DB back in action again :)
Man, those are early premiers. Most of the other networks are waiting until late september or october to bring back the big guns, but Fox is really getting a head start this season. Could be a mistake, if the weather is still nice enough, their audiences could suffer significantly.

But whatever, I'll still be watching when Bones comes back.

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