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July 26 2006

Break a Leg Nicholas! Nicholas Brendon makes his debut tomorrow night in Lobster Alice! And you have a chance to send in your well wishes.

As some of you may know, Nick has been cast to star in Lobster Alice, a play about the surrealist artist Salvador Dali (portrayed by Noah Wyle).

The webmistress of has set up a thread (linked above) in which we can send Nick our congratulations and well wishes. In addition to this, you may also send in contributions to help fund's opening-and-closing night gifts.

So there. NB is one the classiest guys out there. He has amazing comic talent.
Break a leg, Mr. Brendon! Hope your play is a big success! :-)
Sweet, hopefully people from here will be going.

Btw is Nick doing one of the voices in American Dragon: Jake Long?
Break a leg!

I hope people will be giving us reports.
Not really up on theatre superstitions. If I tell him to 'break both legs !' is that still good luck only, like, more ?

Hope it all goes well anyway and the seats are filled.
A play about Dali? Interesting.
Sweet! Thanks for letting us know; I sent a small contribution and may even try to get up there and see the play.
Break a Leg!

Sometimes living on the east coast sucks. I would love to see this!!! But I'll just wait patiently for my next dose of Nick and daydream a lot in the meantime.
The play has an interesting premise, I hope it does very well. Rather interesting that Loni Peristere is involved too.
My friend (a fellow Whedonesque member) and I are going on August 11th so there'll be a report at least by then. I'm sure it will be a great play, and maybe we'll get to meet Nick after :)
It's good to know someone from here is going. I'm sure Nick is going to be amazing!
Ah I want to go SO bad!!
you have to fill us in on the details after you go!
i wanna hear ALL about Nicky!

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