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July 26 2006

"Pretty much all you need to know" about 'Standoff'. Part of an MSNBC article about what Fox has planned for the fall.

Not a whole lot in the way of new material, although something of a clearer description of the show's premise than I've seen yet.

From the article:

"Michael Cudlitz’s credits include 'Prison Break,' 'Band of Brothers,' and '90210.' "

They also include Buffy -- Michael was "Bob" the Zombie in the Buffy episode "The Zeppo" in Season Three. (He was also in the film A River Runs Through It as "Chub" and the show 24 as Agent Rick Phillips.)
It's really interesting that the female lead's grandfather was the boxer whose life was shown in Cinderella Man! I guess he really did get his family back on track once he started winning again. :-)
Still liking the sound of this, but it does have an awfull risk of becoming very repetitive very soon.
Honestly, as much as I enjoy Ron Livingston and Gina, this show doesn't look that great. There's nothing that screams "watch me!" about this.

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