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July 26 2006

Fan film: "Slayers" teaser promo on YouTube. The plot line revolves around two young new slayers in California (see "Slayers" main site for more). In fan-film related news, episode 2x04 of Cherub, "Wallow" is released, "Vangelis" gets onto Wikipedia, and whatever happened to the fan film, "Spiral"?

An update on the "Slayers" main site reveals that:

Okay so heres how its going to be released. The Pilot is going to be viewable online. Its going to be short, were cutting it in half. Not long after, the Pilot is going to be re-released in full format. Basically with extra scenes. Thats going to be up for a while, but after ANOTHER version is going to be released. This version will contain the extra stuff, but will not contain many things due to copyright reasons and other problems. Thats the final version. If people enjoy the Pilot, we'll continue to film. If not, and people take it too seriously, then oh well.

In addition for peeps who haven't seen it yet, check out the great 'Vangelis' opening credits

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Great intro. The only criticism I have is that the font is hard to read. I recommend a more standard font. The title font is just fine though.
hmm, I'd hate for my first post EVER on whedonesque to be a negative one, but that seemed pretty awful. You can do some pretty amazing stuff with just a laptop and DV camera these days...this is not some of that amazing stuff.

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