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July 27 2006

The Noxons. A New York Times feature (it's very Hello Magazine) on Marti and her family. Talented bunch of people, it must be said (possible reg. req).

You forgot to mention reg. req., simon...
Hmm, strange, my click goes straight through. May have a cookie floating around from a previous session but i've got Opera set to 'delete new cookies on exit' so I shouldn't. Weird.
"Weeds" is fantastic. You should all watch it, and then apologise to me for not watching it. Oh yes.
You should all watch it, and then apologise to me for not watching it

What did we agree ? Cause then effect. On this board, we obey the laws of thermodynamics !

(i've heard good things about 'Weeds' but the premise just never grabbed me enough to add it to the - already too long - list of stuff I watch)
...and they're playing "Settlers of Katan".
Those can only be good people :p
Have to 2nd gossi's recommendation for Weeds, I loved the 1st season (and the wonderful theme tune "Little Boxes"). I wasn't entirely convinced by the premise but the quality of the writing and acting easily overcomes it.
Back to the Noxons, I never realized Marti's history. Thank you for this report, Simon.
Saje and Le Comité, about the NY Times website: I've found that they let you read one or two articles without registering, then they send you to "reg. req.", so deleting cookies is the way to go! ;-)

The Kohans and Noxons sound like a fun family! Great link as always, Simon. :-)
Aha, that explains it. It's not the cookie that's there but shouldn't be, it's the cookie that should be but isn't. Kind of like the dog that didn't bark.

Ta for that billz ;).
Saje, that make sense. However, the cookie dough?
Wow, I've admired all their work... except for Christopher Noxon, though I did see his interview recently on The Colbert Report - which is where I heard of him for the first time. Never considered he was Marti's brother!

So the creator of Weeds and the co-creator of Will & Grace are siblings. Funny family.

Great link, Simon!
Aw, cool. I love Marti. :)
Bah. Settlers of Catan is sooooo last millennium. Puerto Rico is where it's at. ;)
I worked with David and Jenji's dad Buz Kohan a few times. He is the nicest guy around, a mixture of "courtly" and "joke machine" (he's a comedy writer). Talk to Buz for 10 minutes and you get a first-hand tour of show business history, and probably more than a few mentions of how proud he is of both his kids. I'm glad to see they are doing so well, and have carried on their parents' tradition of both writing for a living and bringing the funny!

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