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July 27 2006

Joss and California Browncoats get mentioned in podcast... Joss was interviewed, along with John Cassaday and that podcast will air possibly next week. Shiny! This episode also has interviews with Rosario Dawson and Blair Butler.

COMIC NEWS INSIDER, a podcast co-hosted by a NYC browncoat about comic books, animation, sci-fi, etc. recently posted their San Diego comic-con wrap up show. They mention how they met with Joss Whedon and tease an upcoming interview. Also, shout outs to many of the California browncoats and mentions of the browncoat booth at comic-con. (also on iTunes)

Hmm... maybe you should post it once that podcast is available, since this will be well off the front page by that time.

That's all I have to say...
No don't then our cosy image of it will be shattered.
I second that, Simon.

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