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July 27 2006

Electric Cars Lighting Up Again. Summer Glau poses next to an electric car in the fifth pic in photo gallery for this USA Today article.

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Oh no... it's the dress again. ;-)
Methinks the dress is a publicity stunt. It draws attention to Summer, who is drawing attention to electric cars. Gotta love her for promoting one remedy to the global warming crisis.
Aww, she looks cute, even in that dress.

Not to be a wet blanket, BTW, but electric cars by themselves aren't much of a solution to global warming (assuming we're the cause). The electricity has to come from somewhere, after all, and that somewhere generally isn't solar, wind, tide or other renewable energy sources. It's usually fossil fuels so that we're effectively just shifting the pollution/emissions problem from urban areas where we can see/smell it to rural areas where we can't. Thus lowering discomfort, awareness and, therefore, motivation to fix the root causes.
sorry if too far off topic -- Even American scientists are in agreement (Europeans were onboard a decade ago) that global warming is manmade. Gore's movie while patronizing in tone is acurate, imho. Electric cars are ultimately fueled by fossil fuels which increase global warming - no getting around the CO2 byproduct, like you say Saje, but they reduce the local air pollution. That's a big deal in places like LA. And by centralizing power plants we can spend money to find ways to burn ff cleanly and efficiently, technology that would be hard to replicate cheaply in every car. So even tho' batteries are fueled by ff now, we could convert to other earth friendlier fuels as the technologies mature. Aren't electric cars at least a step in the right direction?

Also, I thought electric cars were more fuel efficient than gas fueled cars? (which would help against global warming)

Not that i'm denying that people seem unmotivated to reduce consumption...
Hey guys - no politics please. Let's just look at the pretty and inventive electric cars, and the nice picture of Summer in her "summer" dress.
Either Summer Glau is the tallest woman ever or that car is really small. That dress is a symbiote btw it's the Whedonverse equivalent of Venom from Spider-Man.
Off-topic, but Americans can find out if Green Power is available in their state. If you're willing to pay more, your electricity can come from alternative fuels.

Find out here: Green Power Availability by State
Too bad the site claims I don't have Flash installed.
What? I think that's a great dress! Very... cubular. Like an road sign on acid.

And does anyone know what Summer was doing at this premiere? Or was this just an "in the neighborhood" thing.
In that case I have to ask, Simon, what's wrong with the traditional Venom outfit i.e. cool, black and skin-tight ? ;)

foofaraw, i'm certainly no fossil fuel apologist. Global warming is definitely happening (anyone over 20 can tell that just from changing weather patterns over the last couple of decades) and even if it isn't man-made i'd say that higher incidence of asthma and other pollution caused lung diseases is a very good reason to cut down on emissions (and electric cars help with that in urban areas, no question). I also agree that early adoption now will give us time to get the infrastructure in place to make it easier to switch.

(that said it's such a politicised subject that reliable, objective information is pretty hard to come by but at least some of the data i.e. Michael Mann's tree-ring and ice-core study that helped the IPCC to many of their recommendations seems at least slightly ambiguous. Other data like the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment seem very clear that temperatures have risen dramatically since the 1960s but also show that the same temperatures were reached pre 1940 but then went way down before coming back up. This sort of thing surely makes it difficult to be certain that there isn't some natural phenomenon at work ? - for now anyway)

However, my point is that electric cars cause comparable (though less) pollution to internal combustion unless renewable energy sources are used, they just do it away from the public gaze. Which means there is a danger that people will think (even just subconsciously) 'Cool, now we have electric cars and the air doesn't stink and little Bobby isn't wheezing constantly we've pretty much licked this pollution thing'. Well, we won't have, we'll just have moved it. Little Bobby won't be wheezing but little Bobby's grandkids may well be treading water because the problem seemed to go away and with it the motivation to really fix it.

(also, sorry if this OT, just mod-slap us into oblivion if so * pre-emptively ducks * ;)
I think the conversation should be steered back to Summer Glau, that dress and why she was at the premiere. Green issues are all very well but unless Joss etc comes out and says the world is doomed or everything's peachy keen then the topic should be discussed elsewhere (perhaps in email).

And none of the "I just had to say this then I'll shut up" thank you very much. It bothers me, not as much as the dress but still a man has limits.
Roger that Simon, no probs (I think we were pretty much agreeing at cross-purposes anyway).

Presumably she's into the environment ? Or maybe she knows someone involved in the production ? Not really sure how these things normally work. Do the tickets get given to agents to distribute as they see fit or do they just have a list of stunningly good looking people who may or may not wear a slightly dubious but press-worthy dress to the premiere ?

(and while we're on the subject didn't we forget her birthday a few days back ? Shame on us, bad fans, bad ;)

ETA: A little voice is saying that some Whedonverse person drives, or used to drive, a hybrid car. Could that have been Summer ? (for once Google's not doing the business)

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The dress is fanfreakintastic. Is this a famous dress that we've seen before? Love it! Just wish they spelled her name correctly. Good question, Simon. Why was she at the premiere? Huh.
Yes, leave the dress alone.
Glad that Summer was able to add to the electric car effort.

Simon, perhaps Joss might pay additional attention to these green efforts too if he sees his fans are passionate about them.

killinj - neatly put, you answered Saje's concerns completely - I just don't think Saje realised it....
She wore it again to a convention;the dress. I personally , LOVE IT.
Are we making it difficult to see the gallery? Cause my computer isn't loading it.
Did anyone else notice that they spelled Glau, Glou?
Yes! Glou - grr arg.
Are we making it difficult to see the gallery? Cause my computer isn't loading it.

Browncoat: I have a MacBook and it won't load on Safari, but does load on Firefox. Perhaps you need to view it on another browser?

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I'm always impressed to just see stars in the same outfit twice. So yay to Summer.

My understanding is that M. Mann's famous "hockey stick" figure is often accused of being too definitive, not ambiguous - we are quite a bit above the 1940 temps even taking the error bars into account. The IPCC has a plot that purports to separate anthro from natural changes

okay, not another peep out of me. Saje - maybe i could email you?
Yea! Two of my very favorite things together! And I like that dress. Watch yourselves, as Summer's self-appointed "big brother" I'm warning all you nay-sayers to her fashion freedom to lay off, lest she squelch her individuality and become yet another ear to (also self-appointed) fashion czars.

I once helped put together a volksrabbit [homepower magazine, issue 32], and currently drive a Prius.

Oh, and that first photo, of the Tesla - Nicola Tesla (inventor of AC electricity) had a fleet of 50 electric taxis in NY City in the late 1800's - electric vehicles is a technology which is long past time.
why she was at the premiere

She probably got an invite. And also, people should watch this film, no matter where they sit.
Only don't sit right at the front, especially in a Cineworld multiplex. The seats are just too near the screen to see properly.

Maybe she knew she'd be photographed beside a yellow car, hence the sky blue dress ? Just glad she had something sporty to stand beside instead of the Robin Reliant type cars also shown ;).

foofaraw, yep, go for it (address in profile) though be warned i'm no expert, just an interested layman ;).

And I had missed the significance of killinj's link/post so thanks for that (and for pointing it out SpryCorpse). Here's a similar site for the UK, BTW, if it helps anyone over here.

And does anyone know what Summer was doing at this premiere? Or was this just an "in the neighborhood" thing.

Resolute | July 27, 23:23 CET

I'm thinking she was at the see the movie.
By the by, on The 4400 (love that show!) Summer returns as Tess in "The Ballad of Kevin and Tess" on USA this weekend.
Recurring role on a hit show? You go, girl!!
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That thing is so small!!! I doubt even she could fit in it!
Can anyone save the pic and upload it somewhere. I can't seem to get the pages to load, and I've tried two different browsers, and I definately have the right plug ins ...
The same images are available at her official (?) website (the actual photo - or a very similar one - from the linked article is labelled 'electric 10' on that site).
Thank you Saje! That certainly is ... an interesting dress :P but she can pull it off. And she's so gorgeous! I'm surprised she hasn't got more work.

Do you know who the guy is that she's with?

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Here's the direct photo image link extracted from the flash.
I hate it when they use flash so you can't bookmark/forward it directly!

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