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July 27 2006

(SPOILER) Photos of Stargate SG-1's "Counterstrike". Morena Baccarin guest stars in Stargate SG-1 episode "Counterstrike" as Adria.

Maybe her hair but Morena looks really different. Cheers for the link anyhow I've been waiting to see these pics for ages.
Is it just me, or do her eyes look red? They're probably supposed to, but there isn't really a close-up of her face, so it's hard to tell.
It's the eyes, the Ori have funky eyes.
The character has strangely coloured eyes (sort of reddish yellow).

Morena briefly mentions in this interview that she had trouble seeing with the contacts in and had to grope around the walls of the set ;).
Ah, ok cheers for that. :) We're a bit behind in Oz, we're only just starting Season 9, so we're just getting to know the Ori.
Although weird looking, still gorgeous. Looks like something Inara would wear.
I love her eyes...the contacts. she always looks gorgeous with straight hair.

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