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July 28 2006

(SPOILER) Ron Moore's Blog Discusses the Episode Jane Espenson will be writing for Battlestar Galactica, among other things, for the upcoming season.

I detest the character of Kat, but maybe Jane can bring someting to the table to make me care.

I can't wait for this season to start.
I'm not a fan of Kat, mostly because of the actress not thrilling me; I don't mind the character.
I love Ron Moore, just have to say.
Also it was nice to see the gay topic brought up by him and as a gay man I'm very glad he's treating it that way.
And the Prisoner fan in me has always loved Six being 6.
Bringing Jane Espenson and Battlestar Galactica together can only lead to good, IMHO. Looking forward to this season, and this episode!
I quite like Kat as a character because she's kind of annoying. I always think it's the mark of a good show to have unlikeable characters since in any environment there's gonna be people who don't get on (I wouldn't want all the characters to be like her but it's good to have a mix).

Can't wait for JE's ep. even though it won't be shown until at least early December (if it's still around number 9 in the running). Boo !

(I was also impressed with his take on the gay character issue just because it's great to hear a creator more concerned with the integrity of his show than pleasing a particular demographic whether they're gay, straight or bi and it shows that if/when it does happen it'll be done properly for valid story reasons and not just tokenism)
God, how I wish it was October already.

And about the gayness thing--whether that has been dealt with yet all depends on how you chose to interpret the subtext between Gaeta and Balthar. ;-)
(Peeking thru fingers) I had to make a comment, so looking forward to season three of BSG. And I'm dancing on pins and needles for this Jane penned episode. If anyone can put a wild spin and a heart beat to the characters of BSG, it's Jane.

'Course, there's Joss as well. Ron, are you reading this? Please take note.
Save me from Gae-Bal fanfic! That's all I ask ;) Really excited for the season to start and eager for the web eps as well. Always enjoy reading Ron or hearing him talk about the show because its always amusing, entertaining, and thought-provoking.
Or maybe Ta-thar fan-fic ;).

I'd forgotten about the web-isodes. Do they start before the season or during ?

(really wish the show had stayed in sync with the Stargates, then it'd already be on !)
Seems most likely that they will air them as a build up to the season premiere, perhaps weekly starting soon™. Gae-Bal sounds way more suggetsive than Ta-Thar.
I get the Gaeta/Baltar subtext but I just don't see Baltar being interested in men. He's too into the ladies.

I saw a clip from the comic-con where Ron Moore was asked about whether he'll write any gay characters, and Olmos says something about Brokeback Galactica. I know he wasn't talking about the fan video of that very title, featuring Adama and Tigh in some very romantic scenes, but I immediately did. I was amused, thinking, "Little does he know, fans already went there!"
Gae-Bal? Ta-Thar? I've been wandering the right field for far too long. Explainy?
Madhatter, they're just combining those two characters' names. Although, it wouldn't be Ta-Thar since it's spelled Baltar, not Balthar.
Quite true zeitgeist and ElectricSpaceGirl, I sit corrected. I was going for a slightly camp sounding Ta-ta (as in Ta Ta For Now).

Ah well, I guess not all of it sticks ;).

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