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July 28 2006

Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie will write episodes for The Kids' WB "The Batman". Scroll to midway of the page.

I've found the writing on The Batman to be really bad. I know that the show is for kids, but so were the previous Batman cartoons. So is Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited. But those shows are still much better written.
It annoyed me too. And I hated the art direction they decided to go with the show. Nothing against Jeff Matsuda style, but I do prefer Bruce Timm's style.
Teen Titans more than the Justice League, Batman or the Superman toons were the one most directed to kids. But I became a big fan of it (maybe even more that the JL series, because I'm a Titan fanatic), by how they could write for kids, and still be incredibly clever, even if that cleverness was a lot of the times only implicit.

Strangely I'm always reminded of the following quote from Stephen King about the Harry Potter books, when books critics tend to call certain books "Harry Potter for adults":
"Harry Potter for adults is Harry Potter".
That's a great quote, Numfar PTB.


Yeah, hopefully Jane and Doug can actually make The Batman watchable.
I'm surprised by the comments. I've seen a couple of episodes and enjoyed them.
I haven't caught an episode, but if I know Jane's involved... I'll be there with bells on.
Yeah I gotta agree, B: TAS and JLU were much better than The Batman, and for me, its just weird to see a Batman cartoon that is not voiced by Kevin Conroy. He was Batman for almost 14 years and its just weird hearing someone else voice batman. At times, I think The Batman is too ham-fisted, which is a product of it being a show for kids, but still, as said earlier, B: TAS were the same and both had incredible writing.
Is there a better current animated series JE and DP should be writing for? The pickings seem fairly slim these days. And I seem to remember JE saying that she enjoyed the format writing the Buffy animated scripts that we will apparently never see.

eta: I'm no expert, but I have seen a number of episodes of Teen Titans, and don't really get the superiority to The Batman.

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