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July 28 2006

Two Firefly Fan Podcasts Nominated for People's Choice Podcast Awards. Firefly Talk and The Signal have been nominated for the second annual People's Choice Podcast Awards, which allows listeners to vote for their favorite podcasts in more than a dozen categories.

Firefly Talk was nominated in Movies/Films, and The Signal was nominated in both Movies/Films and Best Produced.

Voting runs from Friday, July 28 until Friday, August 11. All nominees had to go through a pretty rigorous pre-nomination process.

According to their Web site, the Podcast Awards gets more than 150,000 hits per day during the voting process. So, hopefully this will be a good thing to increase the visibility of Firefly and Serenity. And, of course, having a podcast dedicated to Firefly and Serenity actually win an award would be pretty sweet.

The Signal's Web site says that they have an arrangement with Firefly Talk, to encourage people to vote for The Signal so they don't split the vote.

I believe on the Signal podcast website, Here there is an agreement between the Signal and Firefly talk to have fans vote for the Signal this year, and next year vote for Firefly talk, and to vote once a day(and not more, otherwise disqualified), for the Signal.

Edit: D'Oh, it seems the original poster mentioned that too.

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I had just edited the post to include some of that information, probably while you were posting your comment. It wasn't there initially.

So, no D'Oh needed :)

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This is the first time these podcasts have been nominated for that award right?
As far as I know, the Signal and Firefly Talk have never been nominated. The first podcast awards were in 2005, so I'm not sure if FF Talk or Signal would have been elegible back then.
Yes, this is the first time for both podcasts. The Signal was still very new last year and we had enough trying to keep up with all the pre-Serenity things that needed to get done. :) Firefly Talk was still just a vague electrical charge of an idea in Eric's brain. :)

It's all very exciting!
Another first - for once news made it via podcasts before mention in a (this) blog! I think I heard this over the past few days via no fewer than four episodes of The Signal (three are special "Thoughts of Firefly" testimonials) as well as the recent Firefly Talk episode.

Who would have thunk it? ;-)

[edited for a spelling mishap - next time I'll review the post more carefully; pardon me!]

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