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July 28 2006

Seth Green reveals new details about Freshmen II at Comic-Con. Seems like the biggest news is interest from Gale Anne Hurd in producing a TV version.

I'd watch a Freshmen TV series. Though, kinda limited by its name, maybe it'd be better off as a mini-series.

Volume 2 sounds promising so far.

That Witchblade animé trailer sure makes it look like they raped that comic book good and hard. I didn't read past issue #50 'cause the book had just become unreadable by that point (actually a lot earlier, in its late 20s to early 30s, but I was optimistic it'd get better. Eventually I learned that most of the stuff in the Top Cow Universe inevitably ends up sucking and self-destructing continuity-wise and that only their independant creator-owned stuff can sometimes show promise). As with many Japanese adaptations of North American cartoons and comics, it looks like they completely missed capturing the tone of the source material and went to great lengths to change core elements that didn't need changing.

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