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July 28 2006

Dark Horse confirms those Buffy season 8 comic book rumours. Scott Allie at Comic Con confirmed that Joss has "an outline for about 20 issues" and that the story will be set a few months after the end of the tv series.

You might remember at the beginning of the month that the All The Rage column said that it would be around 20 issues. And now it's official.

I wish we had a solid date for release.
Maybe over-the-top sales of this series will convince someone to make an animated season 9.

I don't know why my brain tortures me with this kind of thought.
I would say we might get this in Dec or early Jan.
Man, I'm looking forward to this...

Was there any word yet on if Joss would be doing all these issues or if there was any possible involvement of former ME writers? I remember seeing that somewhere, but it might just be my mind doing the whole 'wishfull thinking' thing...
I want Tim to do one. Something with Faith involved! He could have one of his ideas for the Faith spin-off maybe incorperated...

I agree I can't wait to see Buffy,Xand and the rest again.
Why oh why can't I have book books instead of comic books from Joss...I prefer the paragraph to the word bubble...and a few hours of reading instead of 5 minutes. :( Just my opinion of course...
I really hope there is a cameo appearance by Oz. Because that would be awesome.
Really looking forward to this.
Everytime this comes up my excitement level rises an inch. Maybe over the top sales would convince someone it's time to bring the best hero ever made to the Big screen. Buffy.
Damn that would rock so hard.

It's about time there was some coverage on Dark Horse and what is happening with Buffy. I know that San Diego Comic-Con has a ridiculous amount of panels and announcements, but with all the attention Buffy was getting before the Comic-Con, I figure some website would have covered it before now. I wonder if there were any more details about the Buffy comic that the article might have not picked up on or if that's it.
Brisco, I've thought of that quite muchly.

They NEED Oz.

I just hope Kennedy's out of the picture. That'd be nice.

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I was at the Dark Horse panel and I know a couple of other things that were mentioned. One that's safe to tell is Scott saying that what Joss has planned over those 20 issues is very exciting. The other is which characters appear in the first issue and I'm thinking you'll want to be surprised.
I cannot wait for this. And I totally agree that we need Oz. Less Kennedy wouldn't be bad either.
This is the only time I've ever been excited about a comic book. I'd really have preferred an actual book over this (and of course a movie over any of that), but I'm still thrilled to be getting real updates on all the Scoobies. :)
I'm excited too! Are Dark Horse allowed to use all the Buffyverse characters though? As I know IDW or whatever the other comic book publisher is called has the rights for Angel/Spike comics.

If Joss wasn't allowed to use certain characters that would suck majorly.
When's Joss writing Angel season 6?
Looks like my comic book collection will continue to grow. I know how this works; I saw the "Trouble with Tribbles".
Twitz, IDW has rights over most Angel major characters. So basically the bwhole fang gang: Angel, Spike, Cordy, Fred, Wes, Lorne, Gunn, so on so on.
It seems that they also have rights over Darla and Dru.
Can Joss and the other writers use them over at Dark Horse? I don't think so, unless there's some agreement between DH and IDW (just like when Buffy and Angel were in different networks and WB and UPN had to reach some sort of agreement or like when Marvel and DC decide to produce some comic crossover).

The right thing over minor characters might be more unclear. Though Dracula doesn't really count because he's public domain, if I'm not mistaken.
20 issues? Why was I under the impression that there were only going to be like 5? Probably because I'm retarded about all things comic-book related. Regardless....YAY.
It's 20 issues total broken into arcs or miniseries.Joss is writing the first arc/miniseries which is like four or five issues.Others writers will do future arcs based on Joss's outline.Joss might also write the last arc himself.I sort of think of it in terms like a season premiere and season finale.The first arc which Joss is writing is the season premiere and the last arc which he might write is the season finale.

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Faith is also a Buffy character.

The First 4 issues will be drawn George Jentry and Written by Joss. Then another four will get a new artist and writter and so on.
20 issues... that's about two and a half times Fray. Which is actually very substantial for a comic book, enough to hopefully make it almost as satisfying in terms of character development as an actual season of the show. I'm really looking forward to it. And I hope Joss stays on schedule, although I don't mind waiting for brilliance.
20 issues...

My only problem with a 20 issue series is that at one a month, that's nearly two years between start and finish. I do like reading graphic novels, but single issue comics are frustrating because I read them so quickly and then have to wait a whole month before I get to read the next bit.

Plus, Whedon is notorious for getting off schedule with comics...
This is just speculation but i have a feeling that Dark Horse isn't going to start to solicit the comics untill Joss is done writing the majority of his issues and artist Georges Jeanty is finished with the interior art for the first couple issues.I think this is why Dark Horse hasn't confirmed when issue 1 is coming out yet and why they didn't release a start date at Comic Con.

DC Comics did something like this for Kevin Smith's run on Green Arrow.They didn't set a release date until he had written a good chunk of issues.

Since as of right now,Joss is only personally writing the first arc and then turning it over to other writers based on his outline,I think getting off schedule after that point will be a lower risk,But I do think Dark Horse is already taking precautions for this to be released on a regular schedule hence the lack of release date at present until they have some fully completed issues to start to solicite.

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