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July 29 2006

Booster Bash 2 tickets on sale and First Guest! Booster Bash 2 tickets are now on sale and Alexis Denisof announced!

Argh! *runs around like a headless chicken* I have to have one! I wanted a Big pass but can only manage it if they do the payment plan thing - I saw in the forum that payment plans will be active from Tuesday. Eh. I'll just have to buy all the parts individually if the tickets are sold out by then.
This con is a possiblity for me to attend. It is about a 12 hour drive from New Jersey. I would love to see Alexis. I hope they announce some other interesting guests too.

Where is the appropriate place to contact other fans from my area who might want to attend and car pool out and back together? 12 hours is alot of driving, it would be nice to have company.
Oh God! Alexis and he's not 3000 miles away? Dare I?....

BTW, Passion, I'm in the DC metro area. I'm not sure if that would be on your way or not.
Passion, you might try the Flickr Whedonesque forum, or, probably your best bet, the Booster forums. I'm sure they have a thread for finding other folks to carpool/room with.

Good luck!

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