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July 29 2006

Slither on dual format DVD and HD-DVD. I didn't even know dual format existed before I saw this. It's awful pretty.

Director James Gunn babbles about the DVD features;

- DVD commentary by myself and Nathan Fillion.

- Deleted scenes, including the infamous Grant Grant meat filing scene, Grant Grant's speech to Brenda about how he loves to be human, "Starla and the inchworm", and many more. All these scenes also feature commentary.

- Extended scenes, including the full porch scene between Bill and Starla, Kylie's more complete explanation of "The Long One," the full scene in the butcher shop with Grant Grant, and much more. These scenes also feature commentary.

- The Gag Reel -- in which you can see just a hint of how many takes Elizabeth Banks screwed up by laughing.

- "Who is Bill Pardy?" - this was a surprise we made for Nathan at the wrap party, in which the cast and crew essentially roasted him. I asked Nathan if he was cool with it being on the DVD, and he was... so... watch us brutally make fun of him...

- "The Sick Minds and Slimy Days of SLiTHER" - A very in-depth, very well done documentary on the making of SLiTHER, featuring the whole cast and crew. I honestly couldn't be happier with this thing.

- "Bringing SLiTHER's Creatures to Life" - a documentary on the prosthetics and CGI effects in the movie. Also wonderful.

- "Slithery Set Tour with Nathan Fillion" - this is the much longer version of the little bit you can see online here: At the end of this video, I say some of the crudest stuff I've ever said... and I can't believe Universal left it in!!

- VFX Progressions, from start to finish, featuring kickass music by The Raymakers.

- "The King of Cult: Lloyd Kaufman's On-Set Video Diary" - see the President of Troma Entertainment and the creator of the Toxic Avenger (and my old boss) find himself lost in the world of Hollywood with his cameo role in SLiTHER.

- "The Gorehound Grill: Brewin' the Blood" - a short how-to-make-your-own-blood-and-slime video.

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duel format? does that mean you can play this on a regular dvd player until you have a HD DVD player?

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duel format? does that mean you can play this on a regular dvd player until you have a HD DVD player?

No, it means that the two formats take up swords to decide who gets the girl.
Hah. "Dueling Formats" -- the banjo version.
No, it means that the two formats take up swords to decide who gets the girl.

LMAO! You *rock*, b!x! :-)

And speaking of things that *rock*, I'm so excited about these DVD extras! I missed Slither in theatres, and now I'm kind of glad I did, because all the features they're putting on the DVD will kick a**! I'm going to preorder today. ;-)

ETA: If you search the word Slither on Amazon, it's currently about 8th on the list of possible matches that the search returns, and being offered at $22.49 (25% off list). The link I put in here goes straight to the Slither widescreen DVD page. :-)

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Is it me or is "The Look and Sound of Perfect" clunky and incorrect. "They Look and Sound Perfect" or "The Look and Sound of Perfection" sounds more appropriate.

(That English Language course made me no fun any more)
That English Language course made me no fun any more

Yeah, that one. ;)
So back to the question, what does dual format mean exactly? Plus, is this only on the dual format version? What about the HD-DVD version? Cause I don't have the $$ to pony up for an HD-DVD.
I think the idea behind the dual format disc is that it's either a dual-sided DVD with the non-HD version of the film and extras on one side and the HD version on the other...or both formats are on an HD-DVD disc, since they carry a bit more memory space. I think.
Ack! I love this movie, and the extras look great. A whole movie commentary with Nathan Fillion!? Yes please!
This reminded me to check for a UK release - we have a date of 16th October now, according to

No confirmation on features yet, so I'll wait until they are officially announced for each region before deciding on whether to go R1 or R2. But I think I'll hold back on HD-DVD until the format wars are over (although this dual format is a tempting thing).
gossi made a good point. Perhaps you should listen.
I second that "Huh?" and add a "so are the extras available on a "regular" DVD or do I have to spend the money for a dual-format?
Browncoat, as far as I know all the extras are on the regular DVD. In fact, so far the regular DVDs have usually had more extra features than the HD-DVD discs, which amuses me.
Edited Gossi's Fun With Homophones Theatre for clarity :)

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