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April 08 2003

Fray finally on the horizon? Looks like the last three issues are finally coming out.... or are they?

On the one hand, Dark Horse's website indicates publication dates of Mar 27, April 23 and Jun 18 for long-awaited issues 6,7,and 8 and their 'buy it now' link to 'Things From Another World' shows issue 6 as in-stock.

On the other hand, comic distributor Diamond had Fray 6 listed on their upcoming shipping list last week but it's not on the currently shipping list this week.

So which is it? Hard to say. If you're not a regular comic reader concerned with supporting your local store you can trying ordering it from and let us know...

Just a head's up for ya...

My best friend happens to be the inker on Fray (as well as Superman and Batgirl, and many of the early Angel tie-in comics), and he says that he finished issue #7 awhile ago (don't know where it's at as far as lettering, coloring and finally printing, but it SHOULD be out soon), and he's working on issue #8 now.

Incidentally, #6 has been out for a long, long time. It's an 8-issue mini-series, 1-6 are out, and 7 & 8 finish it up.

***SPOILER ALERT*** (highlight with mouse to see)

For those that read it, the "scythe" that is rumored to be showing up in the last couple of eps of BtVS is likely the same as the one in the Fray comic.

[ edited by Simon on 2003-04-09 11:44 ]
I edited your spoiler so people can choose if they want to read it. And thanks very much your info on Fray, it's always great to read behind the scenes info on the workings of Joss projects :).

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