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July 29 2006

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at London Film & Comic Con. Dixie1708, a 15-y-o Welsh lass, has uploaded a video journal of her day at the Con from July. It includes clips & photos of Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and others.

I dunno if itís the song in the soundtrack ("Speeding Cars" by Imogen Heap) or the fact that sheís 15, but I found this more than a little poignant.

I reworked your subject line, the headline only supports so many characters on the RSS feed (30 or 40 I think).
Thereís other YouTube clips from London Film & ComicCon, including this multi-part series of Nathan & Alanís talk. This link is to Part 1. The soundís not great but itís do-able.

(Thanks, Simon, obviously needing to get the hang of this whole RSS-thingy. *mutters something about how they didn't have this stuff when I was a kid.*)

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That made me all gooshy. I loved the part where Nathan was speaking to her...down in the comments she reveals what he was saying.

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