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July 30 2006

Call For Papers: Critical Studies in Television (CST) is asking for proposals for a book of essays on Firefly and Serenity. Two American academics, Rhonda V. Wilcox and Tanya R. Cochran, ask for up to 500-word proposals by September 1, 2006.

CST says there is some publisher interest in this project, and they offer a variety of Firefly/Serenity topics to select from and inspire. Rhonda V. Wilcox co-edited Fighting the Forces: What's at Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and edits Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies with David Lavery; she’s a founding editor of Critical Studies in Television. Tanya R. Cochran is an editorial board member of Watcher Junior: The Undergraduate Journal of Buffy Studies.

NOTE: They make it clear that they are inviting scholarly submissions -- guidelines are available at the link.

Wilcox also wrote the excellent book Why Buffy Matters: The Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is also very cool. I'd love to write an essay.
Now why does this sound familiar? *coughFinding Serenitycough*

(Of course, one can never have too many FF/S essays)

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"Now why does this sound familiar? *coughFinding Serenitycough*"

Here's the difference: Finding Serenity, which is worth owning for Jane Espenson's introduction alone, is published by trade publisher BenBella Books and most of the essays are by science fiction authors (e.g., David Gerrold, Mercedes Lackey) or novelists (Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, Joy Davidson, Nancy Holder). They're good writers and they have interesting insights to the show--or sometimes just humorous perspectives or at least one essay is a "behind the scenes" technical commentary, IIRC.

What Wilcox and Cochran are working on is a collection of scholarly or academic analyses--different approaches, different editing process, different types of authors. There's room for both books. As you say--"one can never have too many FF/S essays"! :-)
Thanks, yeah, that makes sense now. It just seemed similar to me.

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