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July 30 2006

River vs. Daredevil: who would win? You decide. (reg. req. to vote)

Current tally:
River Tam: 61
Daredevil: 70

Oh please! River by 5.
River has all of Daredevil's abilities, better fighting technique, she knows what other people are thinking and SHE CAN SEE! (one assumes.) So, no contest.
How is this even a question? River by a country mile.
Eh Daredevil would wipe the floor with River.
It's even now, 70 apiece. Go River!
Semi-recently, Daredevil took on 50 ninja's and was mortally wounded. River took on an unknown amount (at least 50) Reavers and didn't have a scratch on her. Gotta give the edge to River.

But against someone like Captain America or Supes, she'd be crushed like a bug.
What! Simon, building up fruits and various meats to toss your way. BTW, catch the peaches, they're fresh!

Anyway, fire at will!!!
Holy crap, I think I nailed him!

Simon, you OK?
Simon is blimvinsible. I'm screwed!
Eh Daredevil would wipe the floor with River.

You are such a boob.
I could have sworn I posted something here...

Anyhow, River wouldn't stand a chance.
Oh puhlease! Oh course, River would win. She can shoot people cold dead without even looking, she can kick arse and do the splits and she's insane as well. Of course she'd win.
Just in her summery dress, Daredevil no contest. To really kick ass River needs some kind of costume. Maybe something in leather. Skin tight, shiny..., ahem, i'll be in my bunk ;).

(does Daredevil have superpowers or he is one of those 'best a human can get' style heroes ? If he has actual 'amazing' agility as well as his sonic senses and cool wee stick things I think he'd probably have her though psychically knowing what he's going to do before he does it can't hurt so I doubt it'd be a walk-over)
blindbylight. Finally got it. What's next?
But River can kill you with her brain!
Now that she's not crazy in the head anymore I would have to say River. She can do everything Daredevil can, plus see, plus READ MINDS, she could mind f--love...him if she wanted.
You are such a boob.

Heh. River beating Bullseye and Nuke? Not going to happen. Daredevil taking on the Reavers? All he has to do is flip the light switch off.

Though a River/Typhoid Mary tussle would be intriguing.
Since I was bored, I continued to vote.

Angel pops up in a later contest (and is currently losing)

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theonetruebix: “You are such a boob.”

I haven't heard anyone called that since my evil neighbor called my sister a boob-head when she was ten. Thanks for taking me back to an awfuller-yet-simpler time.
I bet River could fight effectively in the dark, if she got a chance to see the room before the lights went out.
River pulls ahead, 89-72!
River. Daredevil isn't real.
It's so obvious -- Cavemen would win. ;-)
I just remembered that Tess returns on tonight's 4400. Luckily, she just popped in, so I didn't miss any beautiful Summer. She's looking not-so-crazy finally!!
He is blind, she can shoot blind.
Good point, Kally. :D

River all the way!
My answer is simple: whichever is using steroids! (Which is why, very soon, all hypothetical superhero/supervillain battles will be followed by drug testing, overseen by an international body.)
Um...all River would have to do is stand still in an open space. Daredevil would have no idea how to locate her. Then, his patented vision-impairment would get the better of him, he'd flail around for awhile, and then River would snap his neck. River has perfect balance and body control, plus, in all caps, SHE CAN READ MINDS. She'd sense Daredevil sensing her, move, and rinse and repeat until she got Daredevil into a compromised position, at which point she'd break every bone in his body.
BoltRider, Daredevil can hear heartbeats. Standing still wouldn't actually help.
My bad. I based most of my logic off the movie (I use the term loosely), being a DC reader myself. Still, a wide open area would give River a distinct advantage (Daredevil's stealthiness would be nullified), plus she'd still be able to sense when Daredevil had spotted her and get out of the way until she had him trapped.

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