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July 31 2006

Sci-Fi UK's Angel promos. Relive those halycon days from the first two seasons of Angel by having a gander at Sci-Fi UK's character specific promos. Perfect viewing for those Angel completists.

They're "super cool" dontcha know.
Yeah, I love how they have to tell us that they're "super cool"
I hope these weren't played to non-caught up viewers cause it spoils the Darla storyline and Wesley becoming the new leader.
Aw. I miss my shows. :-(
I like the Wesley s1 promo, it's funny. Oh, how I miss that show. I think when I'm done with my frenetic Buffy re-watch, I'll switch to Angel, to watch it for the 100th time.
:-( I miss Angel! Amazing, the change between S1 and S2 Wesley. What wonderful stories. *sigh*

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