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July 31 2006

(SPOILER) L.A. Times Review of "Lobster Alice". Positive review of Nicholas Brendon's performance in his new play about Salvador Dali.

I'm going to say it contains spoilers because it's a review and there wasn't any indication that it contains any, but it gives plot details.

The reviewer may not have loved the play, but they certainly had nice things to say about Nick. I think that this may not run very long, but it will be a good experience and will hopefully be seen by some people who will appreciate Nicholas Brendon and think about him for future roles. Thanks, Browncoat, for bringing this link here, I really enjoyed reading it.
I really glad it went well.

Nick mentioned to some people who waited for him outside on opening night that "Kitchen Confidential" would probably be coming out on dvd soon. Good news for NB fans.
Nice to see Nick get that review. BTW - remember to click on the small picture in the corner. The larger one shows all three of the main characters.
I know nothing about the play aside from what is mentioned in this review, but I love the idea of the Dali-Disney connection as the basis of a play. And it's good to see NB get some positive feedback on his work. I'd love to see this if, say, it weren't on the opposite side of the country from me.
I'm glad it was a positive review, but I wish critics wouldn't trade on the characteristics of other actors to describe a performance in a play or film they're reviewing. Nick Brendan doesn't need to be described as being like Matthew Broderick on amphetamines to give a sense of what his performance was like. While that certainly is descriptive, it's also the easy way out of coming up with an original assessment of what makes Nick's acting unique.
Tonya J, what would you prefer? I thought it was an interesting description and I did pause to wonder what a performance by Matthew Broderick on amphetamines would be like. Audiences by and large do not know who Nicholas Brendon is -- the fact that they mention him so much is very interesting to me. Many people would have focused on Noah Wyle's character and acting.
What would I prefer? Just what I said. And honestly, I'm not trying to be argumentative, just stating my opinion of how some critics review actors. Because if I didn't know who Nicholas Brendan was, that verbiage might really put me off.
I'm glad to see some positive being said about it. Being the big fan I am of all things Joss/buffy related, I actually have tickets for this play. I'm going this Thursday night. Maybe I'll write up a review myself, if it inspires me to. Anyways, I'm excited about seeing it.
We have tickets for August 11th.

I was able to catch Tom Lenk last year in the Blank's mainstage production of The Book of Liz and was inspired to buy season tickets for The Wild Party and the Young Playwrights' Festival. The work happening at The Blank is pretty extraordinary. Can't wait to see Lobster Alice!

Oh, and ME's good friend Loni Peristere is on the board over there at the Blank, so it's no wonder they've got so many exciting Whedon alumni gracing their floorboards.

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