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July 31 2006

Analyzing the storytelling techniques used in the Buffyverse. Deep, very deep thoughts over at Tea at The Ford. If you've had your fill of the usual "Buffy was good and it rocked! lol!" critiques, give this a shot. You might want to check out 'The Escherian Idiom of Angel' as well.

Ages ago Tea at the Ford was mentioned here. And it's come along nicely ever since. There some lovely stuff and makes a good companion piece to the equally wonderful All Things Philosophical on Buffy and Angel.

Hmm, interesting thoughts. I haven't read it all but I must confess that taking scientific concepts and stretching them to fit vague analogies (and on occasion using them to make absolutely no sense whatsoever but in a very complex sounding way) is one of my pet hates about certain kinds of literary criticism. Sometimes seems like it's done to lend an air of precision and credibility where perhaps none exists.

Still, worth digging through for insights.
Lots of interesting stuff here. Eventually, the design of the site becomes tiresome, though, when it's so text-intensive. Navigation can be confusing too, but these particular pieces are well worth a look.

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