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July 31 2006

(SPOILER) SyFy Portal story on character deaths. Article on the effects of killing off main characters to advance the story. References Joss's views on the subject. Spoilers for BSG season 3.

What kind of BSG spoilers? If it's only info that was revealed at Comic Con and the season 3 promo, I already know it.
There are also Lost spoilers if you're behind the pace (eg in the UK).
Well, I could guess, from just the title and description, what the general spoilers for BSG would be even if I hadn't been at Comic Con...
The BSG spoiler isn't general, it's specific. Something I haven't seen elsewhere (including Comic Con and the promo) and now kind of wish I hadn't read.
Eh I didn't care for that (thing the spoiler talks about) too much anyway.

You know, chances are that writer was at one of the screenings...
Katayla, how specific are we talking? Specific character?
Yeah, it's specific character(s) and/or possible plot points.
I don't understand his reference to Star Trek: Voyager. What major character died on that series? Seska is the only one I can think of, and she was a minor character. Tes left the ship, but given that she was the single most boring character in the Star Trek universe that was a plus just in itself, and then she was replaced with 7 of 9 who was the best character in the show and vastly improved it. The ship may have been marooned in a different quadrant, but it wasn't isolated so there was lots of opportunity if the producers had wanted, to add other characters, not to mention all the crew members that we never met.

Bad example for his argument.
Very interesting subject. I love this quote attributed to Joss: It was "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" maven Joss Whedon who said famously that producers should give viewers what they need, not what they want and that viewers need to have their hearts broken on a regular basis. That makes me wonder if he's a Stones fan, particularly of the song, You Can't Always Get What You Want.

The last character death on television that hit me hard before BtVS et al, was Catherine Chandler on Beauty and the Beast, and of course that wasn't because the creators of the showing were giving us what we needed, but as a matter of expediency since Linda Hamilton decided to leave the show and focus on her movie career. It was devastating though, the way it was done. I haven't felt any level of sorrow or pain in a story arc like that until I started watching Buffy.
I think calling Joss a "maven" is a beastly misusage of the word.

Mavens are people who are experts in fields or connoisseurs of trends... Joss is not a Buffy expert; Joss is the creator/genius/phenom behind Buffy.
Tara's death will always be the most heartrenching character death on any tv show for me, but not since the terribly sad ending of the Angel episode You're Welcome* has a tv character death hit me as hard as Ana-Lucia and Libby's deaths on Lost (Libby especially as I loved the character and her backstory was just starting to unfold). Libby's death also reminded me of Tara's in a lot of ways. So to me, Lost is right up there with Buffy and Angel when it comes to the most heartwrenching character deaths.

* Of course Fred and Wesley's deaths that came after you're Welcome were pretty sad as well, but were both overshadowed by other events IMHO. Fred's death with the awesomeness of Illyria, and Wesley's with the terrible feeling of AtS coming to an end way prematurely.

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