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July 31 2006

Test Your Knowledge of TV Shows Made Into Movies. Question 2 is one to which we all know the answer - or should if we're on this website.

I got every question right except the one about Kids in the Hall cause I don't watch it.
Hey, I scored a 90%. Joss wasn't involved in 'Sliders'? Just kidding.
It is truely sad that I got a perfect 10 on this test. OMG I have no life!!!
You scored 8 out of 10.
Your TV series was already top rated, and the movie version is a box office bonanza. Franchise, here we come.

If only this were true of Serenity. Certainly a box office masterpiece in my heart, but not in enough people's unfortunately.
From one couch potato to another....
9/10. I missed question 5.
Hey go me and my 10/10.
10/10. Depressing.
9/10 as well, but I never saw "Strange Brew"
10/10. Strange Brew is one of those experiences that everyone should go through at least once :)
10/10 for me, too. I need a life. ;-)
Lame, got the Kids in the Hall question wrong even though I watched the show and have seen the film, though I guess too long ago for my poor memory. 9/10
Lame, got the Kids in the Hall question wrong even though I watched the show and have seen the film, though I guess too long ago for my poor memory. 9/10

Same here, I got it wrong and I loved that show...I got an 8/10. I also got the Strange Brew one wrong (couldn't remember the plot at all).

Kinda cool that Firefly is making it into pop culture trivia, even if it's for being CANCELLED, it's being remembered.
I got one wrong too. I never heard of the "Kids in the Hall" show. And I never saw "Strange Brew" either but lucky guessed that one!
Count me as a 7/10. Of course # 2 was correct ! :)
Firefly Flanatic if you get the chance check out Kids in the Hall. The early seasons are considered best by some, as it was before they went to american network tv.
Yeah, if you like madcap sketch show comedy (in a Monty Python vein) then I recommend trying Kids In The Hall. I found it to be a bit hit and miss at times, but when it hit it was very funny.
10/10. :x Kids in the Hall is fantabulous. I also really miss MTV's "The State." It was an excellent and completely spazzy sketch comedy show--still holding out for them to release DVDs.
"I never heard of the "Kids in the Hall" show."

Though they're not for everyone, I thought they were hilarious. Most of them made for lovely ladies as well! They cross-dressed - ALOT!

I noticed that since it was a Canadian site, there was a definite Canadian caste to the trivia. I think there were at least 3 questions that had folks from Canada, includung TKIH.

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10/10, but the last three were lucky guesses
8 out of 10. I love the Kids in the Hall, but it's been years since I've seen the show and even longer since I've seen the movie. The other one I flubbed was which show was getting the movie treatment. I think I guessed Dallas; I hadn't heard about movie versions of any of those shows though.
8/10 for me, I got the ones about Kids in the Hall and Strange Brew wrong.
8/10 for me. I, too, missed tKitH and Strange Brew, but I actually watched tKitH. "I'm crushing your head!" anyone?
I was also 80%, I didn't know that 'Kids in the Hall' was even a movie (I never saw the TV show).
Any chance "Kids in the Hall" is available on DVD! You've all got me very curious now!!

Samira327 - maybe I have seen that skit!! I vaguely remember watching something years ago where a guy "squished" another guys head using his thumb and finger and lining up the friend's head in his line of vision and saying "I'm squishing you!" or something like that. My husband and I still do that to each other every so often but I didn't remember when we saw this or what it was.
"I'm crushing your head, crush, crush, crushing your head!", lol. That's the sketch, Firefly Flanatic, and I'm pretty sure the KitH series is on DVD. (The movie, though, was called Brain Candy, not KitH.) They used to run KitH all the time on Comedy Central. Very funny! Dave Foley is probably the most famous of the group (and the prettiest in drag), though I've seen all of them in various things.

Grace, I noticed there were a lot of Canadian shows and stars, too. I wonder if Firefly made it onto the list because of Nathan and Jewel? ;-)
Huh, 9/10. Wait, Serenity wasn't based on Dark Skies? I thought it was weird how they didn't mention how the aliens killed Kennedy!
Kids in the Hall is great. Episode 202 has a couple of short sketches making fun of my dad.
8/10 for me as well. I never watched Kids in the Hall so, natch. And I got the anime question wrong - no big surprise. The answer to the one about Strange Brew is in the question. The young set questions - that's what always trips up the old people!

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