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July 31 2006

Boreanaz 'Bones' interview from TV Week. With Bones premiering on Australian television, the Australian TV magazine TV Week has a nice interview on him. The website has a sample. Ergo, posting.

The main question that stands out is his short "No, it's done" response about keeping in contact with Angel cast members. I mean, I know it's impossible to tell how he actually said it in print interviews, but still. I honestly though he would have been keeping in conaact with some of them.

Yeah, that's a bit blunt. I wonder if he's said similar things in different interviews.

It's about time Bones came - they promised it at the start of the year.
He's a very matter of fact guy. And I've never kept in contact with people from my school, uni or previous jobs. Each to their own.
No I haven't kept in touch with folks from previous jobs etc either, I think the problem is that we don't see expression or hear tone in someones voice when they answer in interviews like this and it can come off as being blunt or standoffish although I don't think he's like that at all (but then I would think that cos I'm so totally in love with the guy!!)

All I can say is that if you haven't seen Bones before to stick with it, its a very slow starter indeed, the first ep is not good at all but it picks up considerably from then on and is now, in my opinion, one of the best shows on tv, I just love it and I'm very jealous of you folks who have all the goodness to come, we've seen the first season in the UK but now have to wait till early next year for the second!! Its SO not fair!
And I've never kept in contact with people from my school, uni or previous jobs. Each to their own.

I only kept in touch with my closest friends from school and none from any jobs. But, the Buffyverse was sort of like that. He was with some of those people for six years. But maybe that's why he doesn't keep in contact.
Well it is known through his other interviews and through thiers that he HAS kept in touch with AH, NB, ED and CK.

NB, AH and DB talked about ow they all filmed on the same lot, had lunch and did bad things to his car. They joked on how it was nice to see each other in interviews from last year.

CK, ED and him were and are friends outside of work. They have all said in multi-interviews that they have seen each other or talked to each other outside of work. At Comic Con Last year ED was talking about how she was going to see DB after her panel. ED has constantly referred to DB as her "brother from another mother". David has even joked about hoping CK apeared on Bones because they would have a blast.

Granted except for CK, none of the others are Angelverse, so I do wonder if a particular actor/ess was mentioned or what the exact phrasing was. It does seem rather curt for him to answer like that and not all together true.

I agree, some people help you get through a day and some people are good friends that exsist outside your day. Those are the ones whom you hang out with even when the job is done.

Four weeks to new Bones!

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Well perhaps the question got buggered up and should have been "Will you ever return to Angel?".
You know...when I read these type of interveiws I get the impression that poor DB almost cringes when he thinks someone is going to ask him the inevitable question about returning to the Buffy or Angel Verse.
It might piss him off that folks still see him in the role he so clearly seems to have left 'behind' him now. Maybe thats why his responses seem a bit terse.
I think DB loved his time as Angel but has clearly moved on now and wants to distance himself from that part of his life. Honestly...I fear that Joss may have too, other than writing the comics.
It makes me sad because I truly miss Spike, Buffy, Angel, Fred, Illyria, Wes and most of the rest, but I really don't have much hope of seeing any of these characters on TV or the big screen any time soon. If ever.....
...poor DB almost cringes when he thinks someone is going to ask him the inevitable question about returning to the Buffy or Angel Verse

That was my thought as well. Instead of going into a 10 minute discussion of who he's seen and where, which would lead to more Buffy questions, he just put a stop to that line of thought.
Well, maybe but then why not just say 'Sure but i'd really rather talk about my new show' instead of lying (and possibly creating bad-feeling) ?

IMO, DB doesn't always come across particularly well in interviews but I think he's just been misrepresented here and maybe the answer from another (unprinted) question has been accidentally slotted in (the response "No, it's done", aside from being terse to the point of rudeness, doesn't really even make grammatical sense as an answer to "Do you stay in touch with any of your old co-stars from the Angel days ?" and given - as mentioned above - that we 'know' he's pretty good mates with Christian Kane at least, it makes even less sense).

ETA: Thinking about it, one justification for the ultra-terse response is if he maybe specifically requested no Angel questions before the interview and the journalist ignored his wishes. Then I could totally understand him being pissed off.

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Well at least Boreanaz stays in touch with some people. Gellar is the one that no one seems to keep in touch with. Cast members get interviewed and no one keeps in touch with her, not even Hannigan who seems to be in touch with everyone! That's 'cause she's ultra cool.
DB may indeed stay in touch with some of his old cast mates, but probably not on a regular basis...but then...who does? As an actor I would think it would be tough to do with juggling schedules and such.

I agree with Sage in that at times I think DB comes off as pretty abrupt in interveiws especially when asked about Angel...or the proposed films...or anything involving the Verse period. But that can also be the interpretation or transcription of the interveiwer when they write up the comments. Still, the way that he responds sometimes must make some fans feel pretty deflated. You'd think he could be a bit more diplomatic, especially when several of the other actors like JM,AA, or AD expressed a bit more enthusiasm to return to the Verse if the opportunity arose.

More than likely though IMHO, DB has moved on and I just don't get the feeling that he's interested in reprising the role of Angel anymore. He is having some sucess in a new role and thats what he appears to be concentrating on. Maybe he's satisfied with the way things ended, even though many fans still want more.
I seem to remember Tony Head saying in the last year that he keeps in regular contact with Sarah and she visits him and his family in England whenever she's there.Also we know Sarah and Michelle Trachtenberg are close friends.I also think Nick has said,he also still keeps in contact with Sarah.

IMO,I think DB has given his point of view before on a return to Angel.If it was as a theatrical feature film,then he would be open to it.Pretty much every interview it's ever brought up,that's the way he has said he would return to the character.Unless that is the possibilty,then he's not interested and I can totally understand his point of view on that.

Anything else,probably in his mind,is a step backwards and not worthwhile where a big screen movie for the character and the verse would be a step up and a bigger thing.I can understand that thinking in regards to a T.V. movie or even a DVD movie and his lack of interest in those formats.

Until or unless a feature becomes possible,David,I bet doesn't think there is much more to talk about on that subject.And that is,as David has said in previous interviews on this matter of a theatrical film,Joss's decision.But with Wonder Woman and Goners on his plate,Joss is a little tied up for the near future.In one of DB's interviews,he said he even understood that with Wonder Woman coming up,he doubted Joss doing a theatrical film would be possible for awhile.

I suspect that's one reason why Joss was persuing T.V. movies or DVD movies.His time is limited due to his other projects.He wouldn't of had to be as directly involved and could turn it over to his former writers.Same thing with doing the comic books.
2006, The year of no Joss projects.

Tv/Film that is.
Well,we still had Astonishing X-Men which is better then nothing.
I have never been discouraged or upset that DB wants to talk about his new projects oppossed to Angel. The show is over has been for some time. He gave us a incrediable chracter for over 12 years. There are alot of times I would rather hear about his new projects then the same boring and cringe worthy questions. There comes a time when the answers will not change, no matter how the question is asked. DB seems to me a guy who likes to always be moving, so standing still is like having quicksand on his feet.

Db has made his views on Buffy/Angel and any project very clear. He has never said never. Only that there has to be a bigger stage. I too, can understand that. He is the lead of his second tv show. Movies for him is the next step.There really is no other place for the Angel/Buffy characters to go but on the big screen.

I love David. he has always come off so very genuine and true. Where sometimes you have a hard time understanding his interivews, I have never come away from one thinking he is not agreat guy wth alot of respect for his fans. I do wonder if the interviewer brke some ground rules. Shame on them, if so.

Yeah, I have read and heard ASH go on and on about SMG in many of his current interviews. When he was interviewed on Rove, I think, He mentioned visiting SMG and her helping his family. Nick says he SMG talk occasionaly. Nick seems to talk and play with everyone!

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we still had Astonishing X-Men which is better then nothing.

A lot better than nothing. Some of Joss' best writing to date in the last two issues. People are missing out, I tell you.

I'm not actually quite sure how this turned into a bizarre pissing contest of which actor keeps in touch the most, but it can turn into an ill wind that blows no good. Hence pissing in the wind, I guess. But enough rambling. I don't know the actors personally or socially, I suspect many of the posters here don't either. So I'm not in a position to comment on who is friends with whom.
Would love to see what he could so with the regular X-men comic. Poor Rogue, never a good writer when she needs one.
I've always kind of wanted to see what Joss would do on a Spider-Man run.While watching BTVS,I always thought of Buffy being a little like Spidey with some parallels between the characters.

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Joss should make home movies. lol
I don't find his tone to be at all dismissive of his previous character. The man is leading his second hit series and with a wife and child at home he probably has little time to interact with anyone.
David has made several comments about revising the role of Angel in the past. I think he said Big Screen not telemovies or straight to DVD. That hasn't changed. In this instance I think the ball is in Joss's court.
David said Big screen, Sarah said with a kick ass script, now all we need is Joss to find the time. I can't imagine that money would be an issue with this one, it's all about timing......and Ho-Ho's.

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