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August 01 2006

Sean Maher's new telepic "Wedding March". This is for the A&E channel in the States. He's also on UK TV tonight in Ghost Whisperer. E4 at 9pm. (He's so very cute in it!).

Not quite front page news unfortunately. Though Sean Maher is very cute.
Thanks for the reminder, it is now set to record!
There's a piece of Sean news I keep meaning to post so I've made it your headline and kept the UK news.
I caught this episode when it first appeared in the U.S., though by complete accident. I thought he was a regular on the show because he seemed more at ease on camera than the rest of the cast! And oh, Doc wears a spandex shirt for the majority of the episode.


I usually won't follow 'verse actors to shows I've already sampled and don't like, but for Sean Maher I almost watched Ghost Whisperer again last year. I think I was out that Friday night and forgot to record it though.

I still wanna see Living 'Til the End and...I think he might've been in something else I wanted to see. Can't remember what though. Sorta curious about the remake of Brian's Song he was in too. Football players.
I hope we get to see Sean on TV more often. I miss Simon. :-(

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