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August 01 2006

Movie Web site Cinematical talks about Done The Impossible. The site talks about getting the film free via FreeTorrent and encourages folks to still buy the DVD.

(Sorry, laterally off-topic, but please indulge me...)

Okay, how weird was it to visit the "Done The Impossible" website and see my name (along with a few of us -- check it out) on there -- with our quotes about & reviews of watching the download version.

Not bad, just odd & disconcerting... quoting QuoterGal creates a quote-dither that makes me feel dislocated. I'm used to "quoting" and not the reverse...

The watcher becomes the watched, and the hunter becomes the hunted. *giggle*
wow... quotergal, had you not point that out, I would have not known. Im quoted as well... with typos and all :P

And to get back on topic, that is a shiny endorsement. I really hope this DVD sells well, and no browncoat's collection can go without this dvd.

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Has the dvd been shipped yet?
Yep. I have mine. :-)
I'm still waiting for mine. :(
I just got mine yesterday, and I've been really enjoying them. One thing though, they said there are seven (7!) Easter eggs, and I haven't found one yet. I do think that everyone will enjoy these DVDs, although parts of it seem bittersweet (I still believe we'll get our sequel, but we had had such hopes a year ago of an instant blockbuster that it seems a little sad to look back).
The Whedonesque guide to getting quoted elsewhere. Make it short and snappy and mention gin. It worked for me.
Yeah, simon, both of yours were snappy, and there was, of course, the gin.

Mine wasn't particularly memorable or glowing, just a little of the warm-fuzzy, but they didn't cite me as of WHEDONesque. I'm not sure "QuoterGal" has any caché on her own bat, if that's the phrase I mean.
"Gin ! It's not as minging as Tequila."

(i'm thinking maybe Bombay Sapphire's next advertising campaign)

Downloaded the documentary but haven't watched it yet. Call myself a fan, pfft, the cheek of it.

ETA: Just noticed that the 'Cherub' page quotes me too.

(apparently mentioning 'Darth Vader' also does the trick Simon)

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Watched the DVD night before last (received Monday I think it was), fun to see a couple of familiar faces and put some faces with familiar names.

P.S. -- Mmm, Sapphire...
I got mine on Saturday. It was so emotional to watch all of the people that have such great love for the show, its characters and the 'verse. I don't deserve to call myself a Browncoat. I don't think I could ever have as much love and passion for the Firefly 'verse as some of the people on the documentary or as the people that made the documentary and all of the extras happen. They did an excellent job.
Samira327: "I don't deserve to call myself a Browncoat. "

Awwww, not true. Browncoats come in all sizes and shapes and colours and passions and lifestyles and political persuasions and incomes and sexualities and genders and passions and committments and all. Granted, these guys are something, but you are so a Browncoat, and therefore worthy.
I have to agree QuoterGal, I came late in the game, but my coat is a brownish colour! The fact that Samira327 bought the documentary speaks volumes in my opinion!

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