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August 02 2006

Los Superespacicos interview with Nathan Fillion shot during the London Film & Comic Con in July. Nathan is interviewed by two Spanish videocasters at the event. Alan Tudyk also makes a quick cameo.

There is an option to stream the video or download it (beware of this option, though, as it's a large .avi file of about 87mb). Alan is about 4 minutes in, and Nathan's interview is a minute or so after. A good portion of the video is in Spanish, though Nathan's part is in English...mostly.

I especially enjoyed the part where Nathan calls Adam the wookie to his Han Solo. *g*

And beware the aliens peeing on trees...

Thank you, zengrrl!
It's always fun to watch a Nathan Fillion interview. No matter what language it's in.
Aww, I love this interview. It's really funny. And Alan's cameo was great too.
Nathan is great as usual.
I can't get the video to play.

EDIT: Nevermind, it finally worked. Nathan is so funny!

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