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August 02 2006

Joss Whedon/John Cassaday podcast interview from San Diego Comic Con! Joss Whedon interview on Comic News Insider! (16.3mb download - interview starts at around 24:30).

COMIC NEWS INSIDER, a podcast co-hosted by a NYC
browncoat (Jimmy) about comic books, animation, sci-fi, etc. interviewed Joss Whedon at Comic-Con. John Cassaday joins in on the fun as well! Check it out! (also on iTunes)

Nice, funny interview (sound quality a little ropey). Cute lil tidbits about Goners, Wonder Woman and the Buffy season 8 comic book. Good to see or rather hear that he still has ideas for the telly and is missing it.
jimmy here, co-host of Comic News Insider. for the record,it was REALLY loud around us at comic-con and we were all a bit tired. so, sorry about the sound issues. :) joss and john were awesome though! enjoy!
I didn't know Wonder Woman eats like a
Being at work (without sound) and being cut off from broadband at home (BT ARE THE DEVIL. IN ASSCAPS.) -- could anybody do a quick summary? I love you long time, ten dollah. Or promise not to say that again.
In Astonishing X-Men, there are going to be some drawings of people in costumes duking it out. Joss is going to continue tearing the team apart, and it's all building up to a big mega-epic involving Ord and the Breakworld.

Firefly/Serenity, Joss is trying to do the comic book and get through the day.

Goners, Joss is going to try and make as boring as he can.

For thinking there are young women all over his office begging to play Wonder Woman, "Bendis really needs to get some friends"

Joss is not thinking about writing a Wonder Woman comic.

Joss wants to walk away from Astonishing X-Men after #24, is not intending to get roped back into it like he did with #12, and would like to work with John Cassaday again after.

Buffy comic: Joss is writing a four-issue arc that tails off into something longer, overseeing writers from the show and writers from comics who want to come in, taking four issues at a pop, for an overarching story that he's figured out. "Season 8", the story of her life after the end of the TV show, she's changed the world literally and she has to deal with what comes next.
Awesome... great interview. :-)
"Is there any more raw meat?" "No,because you wont go to the store." :D LOL!
Man I am REALLY dying for this Buffy comic to come. It's my favorite verse and I long for more.
"Stay in New York, pretty boy!" Heh.

If you've never seen Cassaday in person, he is indeed very pretty. Fun interview, thanks nakedandarticulate and jimmy x.
This interview answers my burning question prompted by the David Lavery / "Joss Whedon, Wonder Boy" preview from yesterday, in which D.L. said that Joss, burned out on T.V., was anti-TV-work at this point, which got my knickers all in a twist.

According to this, t'aint so. Hah!

"I have my answer. I'm walking on air."

(Thanks to jimmy x and Joe of Comic News Insiders for capturing this, and, of course, to Joss & John for being such talky buggers.)
quick correction, daylight. the last issue of astonishing xmen is a giant size 25. he doesnt rule a return out completely, but it's not likely. glad you all enjoyed! as for cassaday's prettiness....thank goodness. he has nothing else going for him. :)
Joss also said that he didn't know which would be filmed first, Goners or Wonder Woman.
Thanks for posting this here, Kev. It's a great interview and I love that Jimmy asked about the show we were all wondering about, Goner!!!
I think I've identified QuoterGal's favorite quote (and mine): "I would love to do TV. I miss it very much."
And I thought the sound was good, jimmy x, thank you for doing the interview.

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believe was MY pleasure. as joss told me at the beginning of the interview! :) it was awesome to be sitting there with one of my idols and just chatting away. hopefully, i didnt come across too fanboyish! thanks for listening everyone!

Thanks, jimmy and daylight.
actually jimmy, I seem to recall there would be a final issue 24 followed by GIANT-SIZED ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 by the regular team.
yep, you are correct. that's what i meant by it being the 25th issue. all good!

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