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August 02 2006

12 mystery quakes shake corner of Cleveland. Hmm, wasn't there supposed to be a Hellmouth in Cleveland? And we know what happens when a Hellmouth goes all quakey. Apocalypsepalooza. We need some slayers there ASAP...


Haha, wow, I live about an hour away from Cleveland. How about that...

Maybe this is what S8 will be about? :-D
My hope for a spin-off was always the Cleveland hellmouth.

Unplugged, your local nuclear plant is only built to withstand a 6.0? What if a really big truck goes by?
Wow, living in the land of earthquakes, California, I was amazed to read that you can buy earthquake insurance for only $20-$30/year! No one can afford it in California, not even corporations.
This reminds me very much of a geology course in natural disasters I took at Oberlin College outside of Cleveland. The professor showed us a film called "San Francisco: The City That Waits to Die," which was of course one of those cheesy old film strips about earthquakes.

Once the film was done, he turned off the projector and said, "That's opposed to Cleveland: the city that waits to live."
lmao..great headline there :)
Wow, living in the land of earthquakes, California

California even has earthquake predictions on the web. When is Cleveland going to start using technology to monitor its own hellmouth?
Dammit, you beat me to it. I just got home from work and raced here to post about this. Having a job SUCKS when it interferes with my extracurricular activities.
Oh lordy - earthquake coverage for $20-30 a year. That sounds like a dreamland! My San Jose home is going down never to rise again in the next quake, because I couldn't afford the extra $1400 a year to add earthquake insurance to the already required homeowners and flood insurance.
Start whittling those stakes.
"Start whittling those stakes."

Hopefully for the vampires, not those pesky Californian Insurance companies.
I live bout 35 mins from Cleveland, and this didnt even make the news here.

So sad.

Darn that Hellmouth.
Huh, just after Season 7 there was a whole spat of Virtual (ie fanfic) Season 8's, and a couple of them were set not just in Cleveland, but...a small suburb of Cleveland. Coincidence? Well, yeah, but that's never stopped my imagination before.
I guess Giles was right then *shrugs*
*sighs* The Earth is definitely doomed.
"Start whittling those stakes."

Hopefully for the vampires, not those pesky Californian Insurance companies.

Same difference. ;-)

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