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April 09 2003

Yet another spot to vote for the return of Angel ...along with several other "on the bubble" shows.

If you remember, John Doe fans helped with the Save Firefly campaign, so help them out by voting for JD to stay on the air.
Don't forget to mention Firefly in the comments box!
John Doe is one of the worst shows I've ever seen.

Yeah, I didn't like it either. I tried watching the first few episodes, mainly because they came on after Firefly and Farscape wasn't back with new episodes yet. I thought they were poorly written. BUT they helped us when we needed help, so we should return the favor. JD getting cancelled won't bring Firefly back, so it doesn't hurt me and it helps people that have tried to help us in the past.

Don't want to end up like all the Dark Angel fans who were hoping Firefly would die. Its death didn't bring back DA.
I liked some of The John Doe episodes I watched ... the only reason I watched was because it was after Firefly. I now intentionally avoid it as a matter of principal. If it stays on air great... but they lost me when they lost Firefly. As a matter of 'politics' sure check the box.

I obviously haven't seen the show lately, but I can't see how it could've really worked ... I mean there was obviously a central question "Who is John Doe?". This is a recipe for disaster isn't it? What answer will be good enough for a pay-off? What sustains the show besides or beyond that? A cross between 'CSI' & 'MacGyver'?

Dark Angel had a great first season, then It was moved to "The time-slot of death" the quality of the show didn't seem to be as good the second season. I wished it didn't die.

Though you have to admit it was kind of derivative of Buffy. though I have also heard somewhere that Joss was inspired by another James Cameron's Sarah Connor ...

I thought Firefly was the best (ever?), but I wish they would bring back Firefly, Dark Angel, and of course Angel.

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