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August 03 2006

Macaulay Caulkin joins "Sex and Breakfast". Billed by as a "dark comedy", Caulkin will join Eliza Dushku in the movie about a bored couple who on the advice of their sex therapist, indulge in a spot of group sex. How delightful!

I'm guessing he wont be being "home alone" for long then...

I'm sorry. That was awful. I'll go away now :)

I'll guess she has to "bring it on" for this one.

Was that any better? ;-)

Yes it was
Not to detract from Culkin's performance in PARTY MONSTER, which certainly was better than I expected, but Seth Green totally stole the show there. How fitting: "It's not all about you!"
Only people who loved Shameless could read that description and say "How delightful!" ;)
Good Lord, you mean to tell me I'm going to have to sit through a Culkin performance to see Eliza? Time to get out the Ipod and stock up on tequilla...
I think Culkin (actually, all of them) are good actors, very capable. I'm looking forward to this, but something screams "raunch" unless they go for class.
"How delightful!" Sometimes I love this place.
This sounds like a wickedly fun role for Eliza. I can't wait to see this. It looks like it could be played for black comedy instead of drama.
'Cos You Gotta Have Faith!!!
I just about died seeing my adored Macaulay in whedonesque. Hooray!
He was actually pretty good in "Saved". I thought he was perfect for the role.
Seeing as you mention Shameless!

This news just came out today!

(Spoilers for Shameless)

A Shameless fan would say "How delightful", however a true Shameless character would add just a few expletives in between.

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