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August 03 2006

Morena Baccarin has canceled her appearance at the Super Mega Show in New Jersey. No reason was given for the cancellation. She is still scheduled to be in Toronto at the Fan Expo on September 1-3.

Sorry folks, but Morena and I will be vacationing in the Bahamas that weekend, at least in my dreams.
You keep dreaming leaveittoreaver!

Maybe she's started filming WW?
OK, now I'm dreaming.
^ More likely she's filming Stargate SG1....
I don't know how long a guest appearance takes to film, but I think that already happened.
I reckon she may have finished anyway QuoterGal but, as per this interview she's in more than one episode (at least 3 so far and if they're popular I wouldn't be surpised to see a "James Marsters on Smallville" style recall for more later in the season).

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