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August 03 2006

(SPOILER) Could Eliza be getting Lost? Michael Ausiello mentions that one of the actresses up for it has clueless readers always asking about her axed show. Spoilers for other shows.

In every few AA, Mike gets readers asking when Eliza and Tru calling will be coming back. Something he now uses as a running joke.

Yo Troy.
You should change the link to this column's permalink, which is

Some interesting spoilers about some shows in there including Danny Strong's "Gilmore Girls" (funny that we can say that now), D. B. Woodside's "24" (am I the only one still creeped out that Principal Woods had an Affair with Jasmine-Zoe Washburne? :P), for Daniel Dae Kim and Sam Anderson's "Lost", for Melinda Clarke's "The OC" and Richard Burgi's "Desperate Housewives". Ouch, I seem to be digging verse connections everywhere. Are Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain still writing for "The Shield"? And how can I forget that that's Shawn Ryan's show.

People should also check out the following spoiler post, also from Ausiello, about Logan Echolls Siblings: here.


Anyway talking about Alyson Hannigan. CBS Has announced the premiere dates for the new season, and "How I Met Your Mother" will premiere, Monday, September 18th and David "Mr. Universe" Krumholtz and Navi "Dana, the Psycho Slayer" Rawat's "Numb3rs" will premiere at Friday, September 22nd (which is also the the premiere date to "Close to Home", but sans Christian Kane, so is not so important anymore). Check this AICN link.

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I read a report that one of the characters being cast for Lost is Natasha Henstridge. She was on the recently axed "Commander In Chief". So I'm guessing it's her, but I'll still keep my fingers crossed for Eliza.

EDIT: Okay, I read that Natasha was just a fake rumor. So maybe it is Eliza...

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I have never heard NH mentioned in AA's column. And deffiantly not as many times as Tru Calling fans are asking about Eliza and the show's return. He is bothered every few weeks about it.

Commander In Chief itself was cancelled. And she was hardly the headliner of it.

Yo Numbfar, Thanks for the link.
I love Eliza, that would be fantastic if she was on LOST. *fingers crossed*
I would be beyond happy if ED was on Lost!
The last role they are casting is a young woman in her early twenties. One of the girls he is referring to and has been pushing for himself ever since he read the casting sides is Emily Van Camp. She played Amy Abbott on Everwood, a bitter cancellation that neither Ausiello nor his readers have or will soon forget.

From the casting sides I have read Jewel Staite would probably be better suited for the role they are casting than Eliza based on what I have read. But he is talking about Emily Van Camp and I'm rooting for her to get the role as well. It would be cool to see ED get a role like this - but I'm not holding my breath.

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That'd be great if she was cast, but would she be a series regular or just in an epsidoe or two?
I read his column regularly and Eliza's name sprang to mind immediately, too, but then I re-read and it says, "recently" axed -- which would seem to rule out Tru Calling. Unfortunately.

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