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August 03 2006

MWC reviews Season 7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia figures with his usual attention to detail.

Those figures are SO ugly...
When did Bruce Campbell play Xander???
Xander looks like an old man and that looks nothing like Cordy to me.
So obvioulsy that's a pre-Caleb season 7 figure. I wanted eye-patch piratey Xander.
Those are definitely not headed for my collection. Man.
Eye-patch Chosen Xander is a variant figure. (He's still got the short neck though.)
Yeah, both look pretty unlike the actors. And Xander's neck is so short that it makes his "stangely muscular upper arms" look even larger than usual. However, "The Wish" Cordy looks much better and the "You're Welcome" Cordy looks amazing.

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