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August 04 2006

More info about Firefly in glorious high definition. "Twentieth Century Fox Television has remastered the show's 35mm print to 1080i high definition for a Sept. 24 debut on UHD, a network spokesperson confirmed." This'll take the last scene in 'Trash' to a whole new level.

Okay. Now they need to release it on HD-DVD, please.
I bet it'll be sooner rather than later.
Yep, remastering can't be cheap, makes sense to cash in as much as possible. Woot ;).

(note that wasn't my bank balance wooting, poor things gibbering in the corner thinking about a new HD-DVD player/TV ;)
My TV broke. Woe is me. My bank balance weeps.
20th Century Fox which owns the rights to Firefly does not support HD-DVD, they have chosen to go exclusively with Blu-Ray. Ironically, Universal which owns the rights to Serenity is exclusively supporting HD-DVD.

So, if you want to get Firefly and Serenity in High Definition you are going to have to get both a HD-DVD player and Blu-Ray player or a combo player. I believe LG will be releasing a combo player at the end of the year.
Hah. Well, neither players are even out in the UK anyway, and when they will be available they will cost about twice those of US players. So, I'm opting out. Unless I win the lottery.

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Yeah, they'll do their usual trick of just changing the dollar price to pounds, never mind the exchange rate. Rip-off Britain and all that. Hmm, win the lottery or sell a kidney on the black market, decisions, decisions.

Might see what sort of drives come out for PCs (assuming i'll be able to watch HD content on a non-Windows computer since i've been reading some scare stories about HDCP and Vista) but agreed, the standalone gear is too expensive right now (and I usually try to wait and see how format wars shake out before committing anyway).
My TV broke. Woe is me. My bank balance weeps.


That was almost haiku-esque, gossi.

Just so we're clear, that is the sound fangirls in the wild make when they experience lots of warm fuzzies.

Can you play HD dvds on a computer's DVD drive?
Can you play HD dvds on a computer's DVD drive?

That's pretty shiny. Even though we have neither HD TV nor HD DVD/Bluray player, it's nice to know that some day when they're both affordable (and only one next-gen DVD player has survived) that I'll be able to watch Firefly in hi-def!

Question from the previous thread: what about the special effects shots that weren't rendered in HD?
Well, 1080i is 1920 x 1080 pixels so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the images were already rendered at a comparable resolution (any video guys know for sure what res effects shots tend to be originally rendered at for film or is that a how high is up type of question ?).

Maybe they could upsample them if necessary ? Given that there's a lot of black in most of the effects shots (cos, y'know, space ;) it might not be noticeable.
For a fascinating behind the scenes look at Firefly, read this article. Covers the camera work and the cameras used.
Interesting points, AnotherFireflyfan and Saje. We'll get crystal clear video of blurs, flares, and (deliberately) out of focus shots. :-)
LOL, yeah fair point OneTev (i'd hate to see aliasing on the blurs, it'd totally pull me out of the show ;).

Nice link Simon (even if a lot of it went way over my head). I love that the Serenity's design was partly driven by aerodynamic requirements.
I have an HD DVD player and am buying a $599 PlayStation 3 exclusively for the "cheaper" Blu-Ray player inside (screw the games, I'm a Nintendo person :).

Hi-Def Firefly. Oooohhh....
Nintendo's definately the way to go!

Anyway, I'm pleased to hear that they can remaster 35mm film, because that means that they can also remaster at least seasons 3-7 of Buffy and all of ! Angel in High-Def! Awesome

Either this Blu-Ray/HD-DVD war better end with a declared winner or I will need myself a Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/DVD player hybrid! Yikes! :S
The PS3 is WAAY too expensive for a games console, but cheap for a blu-ray player. Go figure. ;-)

I've had a PS and now PS2... but this next generation I'm going Wii. (OK, that's fun to say).

And on topic - I think in format wars everyone loses. We need a set standard!
Umm... I could be wrong about this, but I don't think 1080i is considered true HD. That is still an interlace 4:3 aspect ratio resolution, whereas HD resolutions are progressive scan with 16:9 aspect ratios.

The other thing I see interesting about this is that FOX refuses to resurrect Firefly, but they're still spending money on it (transferring 35mm to digital can't be cheap). Or maybe this is just the first acknowledgement from the network that the franchise is still worth something? Either way, its good news.
1080i is very much high-definition. Because it's interlaced it's not the highest quality of picture (1080p), but most people can't tell the difference between it and 720p.
Or maybe this is just the first acknowledgement from the network that the franchise is still worth something?

20th Century Fox Television is the production company, it's separate from the Fox network.
Simon, thank you so much for clearing that matter up. I didn't 'think' Firefly was shot in HD, but I wasn't sure enough to say otherwise. A bow again to your talented skills.

As for the series being released in HD, I wouldn't hold your breath, kiddies. Later, may be. Then again, five years ago, I had a closet full of hundreds of VHS tapes. Now, I've a closet full of DVD's. Wait, I'm sure there was a point in there somewhere.....

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